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A Collection of the Best Books about Denmark

A Collection of the Best Books about Denmark
travel quote featured by top international travel blogger, Tracy's Travels in Time

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This is a collection of my choice of the best books about Denmark. If you are traveling to Denmark or just have an interest in this beautiful Scandinavian country I have selected some of my top choices from the best fiction and non-fiction works set in Denmark.

Denmark is the birthplace of one of the most famous fairy story writers of them all –  Hans Christian Anderson. If you are visiting Copenhagen you may plan to see The Little Mermaid sculpture which  is displayed on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade in the Danish capital. She is one of the top tourist attractions for visitors to Copenhagen and of course a character from the Hans Christian Anderson fairy story of the same name!

For fans of crime fiction Denmark (and Scandinavia in general) are the home of Nordic noir books. Defined as crime fiction and television drama that typically features dark storylines and bleak urban settings Scandinavian crime fiction has grown in popularity in the last few decades.

I first came upon it when I read Peter Hoeg’s novel Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow published in 1992 this novel was at the vanguard of Nordic noir which has since developed a huge fan base.

In my selection I have included my top choices in guide books too so not only will you be well read when you arrive in Denmark you will know exactly what you want to see!

 The best Books about Denmark to read before visiting featured by top international travel blogger Tracy's Travels in Time

Best books about Denmark (or books set in Denmark)

A selection of the best books about Denmark (including books set in Denmark). Best travel books about Denmark.

Best Danish Books - Fiction

Best Danish books :  Non-fiction

Best Books About Denmark - Guide Books


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I hope you have enjoyed my Danish book selections for fiction, non-fiction and guidebooks. 

You can find more Scandinavian books to read in my best books about Norway and Iceland or for other countries around the globe in my selection of best travel books.

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