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9 Best Danish Movies on Netflix

Discover 9 of the best Danish movies on Netflix to watch this year.

Netflix is not only the main streaming service for popular TV content, but is often at the forefront of offering foreign films as well. Denmark movies on the site Netflix are no exception to this impressive international collection of releases. Cinephiles will already be well aware that Danish movies have gained notoriety for uncompromising themes and aesthetics that are anything but boring.

Danish films in particular are known for tackling dark and unconventional subject matter in a way that’s creative and surprising. You’ll find a wide range of titles to try running the genre gambit from dark dramas to light-hearted comedies and everything in between. Broaden your binging horizons with these nine best Danish movies on Netflix. 

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9 Best Danish Movies on Netflix

A Fortunate Man

This epic Danish drama is based on an eight-volume novel, named Lucky Per in English. It’s set in the late 19th century and follows a gifted engineer as he escapes from poor and rural beginnings to try and make history among the elite in the big city of Copenhagen.

The ensuing events lead to a rise in wealth and power, though resulting in a pride that may ultimately prevent him from reaching his goals. It’s directed by the highly heralded Billie August and successfully portrays an epic and sprawling story for the ages. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Release date – 2018
  • Starring – Esben Smed, Katrine Rosenthal
  • Filmed in – Austria


The Danish Girl

Quite the crossover hit, odds are you’ve already heard of this iconic piece of cinema both acclaimed by and ridiculed by critics. Loosely inspired by a biographical relationship, it’s based on a novel of the same name.

It’s a love story about two artists navigating a transgender journey as one partner will receive the first-ever sexual reassignment surgery. It’s an important watch about self-discovery, gender identity, and compassionate acceptance. It’s available to watch with access to both Netflix USA and Netflix Denmark services. 

  • Genre – Romance 
  • Release date – 2015
  • Starring – Eddie Redmayne, Alisha Vikander
  • Filmed in – Copenhagen


Many Danish movies on Netflix are filmed in the capital Copenhagen as seen in this image.
The Danish Girl was filmed in the Danish capital of Copenhagen


An immature man will finally stumble upon a crossroads in life as he travels around Europe in search for answers and for his father’s father. He meets a rather young woman whom he befriends. Feeling both challenged by and connected to her, he must come to grips with who he is (and who he is related to) as the attraction builds.

Above all, it’s an entertaining watch that’s sure to have you glued to the screen. The delicate nuance with which difficult themes unfold in this film provides that classic Danish feel. 

  • Genre – Romance
  • Release date – 2014
  • Starring – Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen
  • Filmed in – Copenhagen, Canada


The Day Will Come

This critically acclaimed movie focuses on the harrowing experience of two brothers whose mother is too sick to care for them. They arrive in a home where they are subject to heinous abuse and violence.

It’s based on real stories from the Godhavn Orphanage, and though the scenes can be deeply horrific and sad, the message is also inspiring at times as the young boys defiantly plan for their escape one day. It’s a hard-hitting drama that’s not for the faint of heart as the effect of such sorrow is sure to stick with you afterwards. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Release date – 2016
  • Starring – Lars Mikkelsen, Sofie Grabol
  • Filmed in – Denmark



Kinamand, or Chinaman in English, is one of the more unconventional Danish films rating high on Netflix today. While it’s a comedy with plenty of moments of levity, below the surface the film shows the Asian immigrant experience in Denmark.

Struggling to have any hope or make ends meet, a down on his luck plumber agrees to a visa marriage for money.

The pretend couple learns to live together as husband and wife despite a language barrier. In the end it’s found to be deceptively bitter sweet, with a plot that refuses to follow the expected list of storylines. 

  • Genre – Romantic Comedy
  • Release date – 2005
  • Starring – Bjarne Henriksen, Vivian Wu
  • Filmed in – China, Denmark


Nyhavn Copenhagen

Karla and Katrina

Karla and Katrina is a real romp about family, friendship, and romance. When the two girls decide to spend a holiday trip together, they hope it will bring them closer once again after growing apart for some time.

However, nothing goes as planned once a boy named Jonas is in the picture, which incites both a love connection and a caper to expose a local crime outfit that’s hoping to hide. It’s the second in a cinematic series based on young adult novels. 

  • Genre – Family
  • Release date – 2009
  • Starring – Elena Arndt-Jensen, Nanna Finding Koppel
  • Filmed in – Denmark


The Bombardment

The trailer for this film alone can convince you to check it out. New to the Netflix scene, the Bombardment, also known as the Shadow in My Eye, is a gripping account of WWII. A fatal mistake is made when a bombing mission is marked for a school full of children.

It follows several of the residents’ chaotic lives, later tied together on this fateful day. It’s an unapologetic portal of the brutal terms of war with an abundance of tragic tear-jerking scenes, despite never seeing a dead body. The sadness is only fueled by the fact that it claims to be based on a true story. 

  • Genre – Historical drama
  • Release date – 2021
  • Starring – Fanny Bornedal, Alex Hogh Anderson
  • Filmed in – Prague


Against the Ice

In Against the Ice two Danish explorers are on an expedition exploring Greenland in the early 20th century. They set out to face the harsh and unforgiving conditions determined to prove the country is one piece of connected land without getting lost.

They battle fatigue, hunger, freezing temperatures, and even attacks from animals, all before being abandoned by their crew. The journey ends up being arduous, if not nearly deadly, one resulting in a captivating wilderness thriller about survival in the world while on the edge of madness. 

  • Genre – Adventure
  • Release date – 2022
  • Starring – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Joe Cole 
  • Filmed in – Iceland


Babette’s Feast

An older classic example of Danish cinema on Netflix today is Babette’s Feast.  The story revolves around a strict religious community. It takes place in a small village during the late 1800s. A refugee from the Franco-Prussian War arrives and is taken in to work as a servant for the very sheltered daughters of deceased parents.

The experience is eye-opening one for all, including the viewers. It has won many awards and was the first film to adapt a beloved Blixen story. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Release date – 1987
  • Starring – Stephane Audran, Birgitte Federspiel
  • Filmed in – Copenhagen


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