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Special Stays (Log cabins, cosy cottages, castles & more)

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Finding unusual and beautiful hotels, motels, cabins, cottages and even castles to stay in is one of my favourite things to do when putting together our itineraries.

On this page you can find some of the most special stays we have found around the world. I know that whatever your travel style or budget you will find inspiration for your next trip in the selection below.

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Where to stay in Europe

🇬🇧 Where to stay in the UK

🇮🇹 Where to stay in Italy

🇳🇴 🇩🇰 Where to stay in Scandinavia

🇲🇹 Where to stay in Malta

Where to stay in Greece

Special stays in Asia

Where to stay in Singapore

Where to stay in Bali

Special stays in Oceania