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Best Mexican movies on Netflix to enjoy in 2024

Are you looking for the best Mexican movies on Netflix? We have your viewing needs covered in this selection of some of the best Mexican movies on Netflix for 2024.

In this article, you will find the best Mexican movies Netflix has to offer in 2024. The selection includes a multitude of genres including dramas, comedies, thrillers and of course good old romance films. 

Get ready for these ultimate binge-worthy Mexican Netflix films! 

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Best Mexican movies on Netflix - map of Mexico.

Best Mexican movies on Netflix 2023 you can’t miss!

1. Here (Ya No Estoy Aquí)

I’m No Longer Here is easily one of the best Mexican movies on Netflix today. A nonlinear narrative serves as an emotional portrait of a young man who belongs to a small (yet stylish) street gang in Monterrey, rural Mexico.

He spends his days partying and dancing to cumbia, until he is forced to immigrate to the US, due to a mix up with a local cartel. While he attempts to assimilate to his new life in New York City, he struggles with feeling disconnected and homesick, combined with a strong desire to help preserve his culture despite all that has happened. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Date of Release – 2019
  • Starring – Juan Daniel Garcia Travino, Xueming Angelina Chen
Map of Monterrey in Mexico.
River Tista in Norway



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2. Gueros

A young son becomes too much for his mother and is sent to live with his older brother in Mexico City. It’s set during the student strikes of 1999, which makes for a poignant backdrop. The two brothers together with a friend embark on an epic road trip from the big city seemingly in search of famous folk-rock star Epigmenio Cruz.

Along the way, they are unknowingly seeking family, culture, and social purpose. As far as funny Mexican movies on Netflix go, it’s a slow burn that explores some super relatable feelings through dry humour.

Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2014

Starring – Alonso Ruizpalacios, Sebastian Aguirre

Mexico City.
Mexico City

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3. Roma

This award-winning Spanish film is by director and producer Alfonso Cuarón and depicts the story of a family in 1970s Mexico City. Cleo is a domestic worker who helps take care of four children. Things take a turn when the father runs away with another woman and the mom finds out she is pregnant.

The two women take the family for a much-needed getaway. It’s black and white and a critically acclaimed Mexican movie that serves as a reflection of the world, culture, and the lives we lead within our complicated family relationships. 

Genre – Drama

Date of release – 2018

Starring – Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira

Mexico City.
Many new Mexican movies on Netflix are set in Mexico City

4. Una Historia de Dos Cocinas (A Story of Two Kitchens)

This short-form documentary is generally regarded as one of the very good Mexican movies on Netflix. A Story of Two Kitchens follows Gabriela Camara, a famous Mexico City chef, as she opens a new eatery called Cala in San Francisco.

It’s an exploration of diversity and community. The staff come from all kinds of difficult circumstances and are given opportunities to learn, grow, and work together as a team in a uniquely supportive environment. It shows how a restaurant can serve as a safe place and train amazing chefs in the heart of a big city. 

Genre – Documentary

Date of Release – 2019

Starring – Gabriela Camara

San Francisco USA
A Story of Two Kitchens is set in San Francisco

5. Como Caído del Cielo (As if Fallen From Heaven)

Be ready for a barrel of laughs with one of the funniest Mexican Netflix movies, streaming now in all countries. Between the music, the actors, and countless classic comedy scenes, As if Fallen From Heaven is a guaranteed good time.

Legend Pedro Infante gets another chance on earth to redeem himself from his problematic past, including his womanizing ways, so he can earn his way into heaven after being trapped in limbo for a long time. The catch is he must go in an impersonator’s body, one false move and he’s sent straight to hell! 

Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2019

Starring – Omar Chapparo, Ana Claudia Talancon

6. El Infierno

When El Benny is deported from the US, he must journey back home to Mexico which is a bleak scene as it’s been devastated by the drug wars. He gets involved with the narcos himself, finding a life full of violence, success, money, and women, though through it all Benny must figure out how to stay alive.

It feels like dark comedy, political satire, neo-western, and crime drama all rolled into one. It explores the world of organized crime and at the same time the stark reality of what’s really going on inside the country post-Mexican revolution. It does include some explicit content so watch at your own discretion. 

Genre – Drama

Date of Release – 2010

Starring – Damian Alcazar, Joaquin Cosio

7. Chicuarotes

Chicuarotes is an emotional portrait of two young friends hoping to escape the slums of Mexico City and start new lives with their own hands. We meet them on a bus both dressed as clowns trying to tell jokes for a few pesos.

Soon fed up with the world of violence around them, they embark on a series of schemes to try and get ahead in the world, believing that with great risk comes great reward. It’s one of the more underrated Mexican movies on Netflix to watch. It certainly keeps you on your toes, depicting lighthearted humour one minute and gruelling violence the next. 

Genre – Drama

Date of Release – 2019

Starring – Benny Emanuamel, Leidi Guitierrez

Mexico City
Mexico City

8. No One Will Ever Know

A sweet suspension of reality will sweep you off your feet in this film. No One Will Ever Know is one of the most magical Mexican movies. While the storyline is simple, the depth of the characters is captivating, as is the setting of rural Mexico in the 1970s.

Luca and her son Brualio dream of a better life in the city away from the strict husband of the house, Rigoberto. One night they decide to allow a stranger inside their home, and Luca and her young son escape through the charming world he is able to create for them. 

Genre – Drama

Date of Release – 2018

Starring – Adriana Paz, Jorje A. Jiminez

9. Grandma’s Wedding

Grandma’s Wedding is a most enjoyable story of all the romantic comedies and new Mexican movies out right now. When Grandma decides to marry her long time property caretaker Julio, who happens to be many years younger, the families come together to celebrate.

Above all, it’s a story of love told through complex and dysfunctional family perspectives, from supportive to dismayed and everything in between. It was shot mainly in Cuernavaca, Moreles, a delightful backdrop for an enchanting film that’s sure to warm your heart. 

Genre – Romantic Comedy

Date of Release – 2019

Starring – Renata Nonti, Mariana Torres


10. Grandma’s Last Wishes

The sequel to Grandma’s Wedding is a super fun next instalment. When Grandma decides it’s time to put her affairs in order after suffering a mild heart attack the family gathers yet again. All the favourite culprits are there and they, of course, clash over who stands to inherit what is a quirky romp that feels more comedy than romance this go around.

They’re all trying to convince Grandma to leave the house to them and sabotage each other’s plans in the process. It also has a holiday theme making it a fun and festive film to watch during that special time of year. 

 Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2019

Starring – Susana Alexander, Luis Arrieta

11. Tell Me When

Tell Me When is one of the best Mexican movies Netflix has to offer today. It’s cute and quirky in all the best ways. The main character, a workaholic named Will, is both offbeat and charming. When his grandfather, who he was very close to, passes away Will sets off on an adventure leaving his humdrum life in Los Angeles to discover his true roots in Mexico.

It was his grandfather’s last wish from a long list, and along the way he makes a few friends, conquers a couple of conflicts, and even meets a beautiful woman.  

 Genre – Comedy 

Date of Release – 2020

Starring – Hector Bonilla, Ofelia Reyes Botello

Yucatan Mexico.
Yucatan Mexico

12. One Small Problem

This film follows a divorced father who is trying to navigate the wild world of later in life dating and find a serious relationship, all with a daughter no less! A beautiful young woman from his past comes back into his life, but before he can mention his wonderful child she exclaims that she doesn’t like kids at all.

Thus, a plan is hatched and we are left to watch the precocious plot unfold to find out if they can make it work regardless of all the things life has and will throw at them in today’s day and age. 

 Genre – Romantic Comedy

Date of Release – 2020

Starring – Alfonso Dosal, Regina Blandon

13. La Dictadura Perfecta

If you’re wondering where to watch Mexican movies Netflix is always streaming the best Spanish language titles to try out.

La Dictadura is no exception. It’s a political satire about the corruption of a powerful media conglomerate and the candidates they are in cahoots with. When the president makes a mistake on live television, coverage of a governor looking guilty is used to divert attention. This governor then hires them to makeover his image so he can run for the highest seat and an absurdly nasty scheme is put into play.

Overall, it’s a sardonic look at the problematic power of the media and the government within Mexico. 

Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2014

Starring – Damian Alcazar, Osvaldo Benavides

Mexico City.

14. Penalty Kick

La Pena Maxima is considered a classic comedy of the Spanish language movies, about an obsessed soccer fan who is doing everything he can to get to the World Cup. It begs the question, how far should a die-hard supporter go for their national team, especially when it means following your heart?

In Mariano’s case, there seems to be no limit. In a series of increasingly ridiculous decisions, he seems willing to sacrifice his job, his marriage, and his family. The match is between Mexico and the USA, and he’s convinced his presence is the only way to guarantee a victory for his home country. 

Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2018

Starring – Eduardo Ibarrola, Julieth Restrepo

Mexico flag on a soccer ball.

15. House of Flowers

The De La Mora siblings are a dangerous and determined bunch. They hatch a plan to break into their old house and retrieve a significant treasure buried there which they think will contain enough evidence to prove the murder of their late father. However, the new occupant isn’t going to make it easy for them. More than just your average heist film, it’s actually based on a TV series of the same name as well.

The humour is a bit offbeat and it’s very well acted, making it one of the best movies you can stream right now. It also stars Cecilia Suarez, the partner of Gael Garcia Bernal.

 Genre – Drama

Date of Release – 2021 

Starring – Isabel Burr, Cecilia Suarez

16. Bankrolled

As far as good Mexican movies go, Bankrolled comes highly recommended. It’s a modern thrill ride about a pair of unmotivated millennials. They end up getting a bit too buzzed from their slightly pretentious party scene and creating a crowdfunding pitch for an ambitious passion project of a socially conscious app that gets fully funded for millions!

The only problem is, how are they going to make it? It’s a Netflix original and an all-around silly satire of the secrets within the technological startup world and the youngsters embroiled in it. It’s a wild ride that balances stressful scenarios with carefree hilarity all through the lens of a beautiful friendship. 

 Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2021

Starring – Maria Chacon, Natalia Tellez

Campeche Mexico.
Campeche Mexico

17. Dad Wanted

In Dad Wanted Bianca is a troubled preteen who has lost her father in a BMX accident. As such, her mother forbids her from riding herself. When she learns of a competition coming up she vows to race in secret, but how can she enter without a parent to sign her in?

Luckily she meets another grief-stricken stranger, though much older, and the two connect to help each other get through the hardest part of healing. It delivers a precious message about love, life, and loss through this heartwarming, albeit formulaic, adorable family dramedy. 

 Genre – Comedy

Date of Release – 2020

Starring – Mauricio Arguelles, Moises Arizmendi

18. Lo Más Sencillo es Complicarlo Todo

The Easiest Thing is to Complicate Everything is an aptly named comedy that follows the seemingly spoiled life of Ronata. She is hopelessly in love with her half brother’s older best friend. However, she misses her chance when he meets someone else who he believes is the one.

Having heard this she decides to hatch a desperate scheme with the help of her friend to separate them and finally win him over for herself. It’s amusing and well written for a really enjoyable Netflix watch. Much of the movie plays homage to scenes in other cult classic films, so see if you can get all the references!

 Genre – Romantic Comedy

Date of Release – 2018

Starring – Danna Paola, Alosian Vivancos

Campeche Mexico.
Campeche Mexico

19. Xico’s Journey

El Camino de Xico is a fun fantasy film that all ages will enjoy. A brave girl sets out to save a mountain from a greedy gold-seeking corporation, with the company of her bestie and her trusty dog, Xico. More than just a loyal pet, Xico will prove to be magical beyond her wildest dreams.

It’s not an easy adventure, as together this cute and courageous team will have to conquer all sorts of surprising conflicts. The animation is stunning to see and it’s an all-around lovely representation of Mexican culture, plus an excellent lesson on the importance of the environment. 

 Genre – Fantasy

Date of Release – 2020

Starring – Marco Antonio Solis, Dino Andrade

Mountains in Mexico.

FAQs – Mexican movies on Netflix

Can I watch Mexican movies on Netflix?

Yes! As this article has illustrated there are many Mexican movies available to watch on Netflix!

Can you watch Spanish movies on Netflix?

Yes! As well as these great Mexican Spanish language movies check out our selection of Spanish movies and Spanish TV series on Netflix.