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Looking for the best Netflix shows in Spanish for 2021? Read this guide for the best Spanish shows on Netflix including popular Spanish TV series and Netflix original series for 2021.

Whether you are looking for the best shows to watch to learn Spanish or simply searching for the best Spanish language shows on Netflix for your viewing pleasure you will find the best TV shows in Spanish listed below!

While we have collated all of the best Spanish Netflix TV series into this guide do remember that not all of these Spanish TV shows on Netflix will be available in all countries around the world at the same time.

This list is representative of the best Spanish shows Netflix has to offer in 2021.

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Best Spanish series on Netflix 2021

The Barrier

This Spanish sci-fi Netflix series focuses on one family’s fight for survival in Madrid in 2045.

Following a deadly virus, the city is divided into two – separated by a wall (barrier). On one side life is as normal while on the other the virus still ravages the population who search for a vaccine.

The series stars real-life Spanish mother and daughter actors Angela and Olivia Molina.

Released – 2020

Genre – Sci-Fi

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 13

Starring – Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler

Where in Spain – The series was filmed in the Spanish capital Madrid

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Madrid was the filming location of this Spanish series on Netflix

Bitter Daisies

A crime TV drama Bitter Daisies (O sabor das margaridas) follows new Civil Guard officer Rosa Vargas as she investigates the disappearance of a teen girl in a tight-knit Galician town.

The language spoken in this series is Galician.

Genre – Crime Drama TV

Released – 2018

Seasons – 2

Episodes – 12

Starring – María Mera, Santi Prego, Noelia Castano

Where in Spain – Galicia in North West Spain

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Unauthorized Living

When Nemo Bandiera, a businessman and drug lord is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he starts to consider who can take over the business.

However not everyone is happy with his plans and his second-in-command starts planning how to to steal the empire from the chosen heir.

Genre – Crime Drama Series

Released – 2018

Seasons – 2

Episodes – 23

Starring – José Coronado, Álex González, Claudia Traisac

Where in Spain – North West Spain

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The Spanish city of Galicia features in this Spanish TV series


A victim of domestic violence plans to escape her violent husband and his enemies by using an elaborate kidnapping as a smokescreen.

Genre – Crime Thriller Drama

Date – 2018

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 10

Starring – Paz Vega, Julio Bracho

Where in Spain – Mexico City, Benidorm and Madrid

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Mexico City.

The Mess You Leave Behind

This series centres around 2 teachers who relocate to work in a small Spanish town.

Lies, deceit and blackmail feature in the story lines of this thriller with increasing tension as the truth starts to emerge.

Date – 2020

Genre – Thriller

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 8

Starring – Inma Cuesta, Barbara Lennie, Tamar Novas

Where in Spain – Galicia in North West Spain – Ourense, Cambre, Oleiros

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Welcome to the family

Catalan language TV show. The story revolves around single mother Angela and her dysfunctional family. After being evicted from her home due to her ex-husband’s debts Angela turns to her wealthy father for help

Genre – Drama Comedy

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 13

Starring – Malani Olivares, Ivan Massague, Yolanda Ramos

Where was it filmed? The series was filmed on location in Sant Pere de Vilmajor of Valles Oriental.

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Someone has to die

Set in the Spanish high society of the 1950s a young man returns home to his wealthy family with a mysterious dancer in tow.

Someone is going to die….but who?

Genre – Period Drama

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 3

Starring – Cecilia Suarez, Carmen Maura

Where in Spain – Madrid

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Follow the life of Valeria in this romantic drama. Valeria is an aspiring writer who finds support from her 3 best friends through life and love. A Spanish ‘Sex and the City”? Based on the books by Elisabet Benavent.

Genre – Romantic TV drama

Seasons – 1

Episodes –

Starring – Diana Gomez, Silma Lopez, Paula Malia and Teresa Riott

Where in Spain – Madrid

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Many Spanish TV shows are filmed in Madrid (including Valeria)

The Minions of Midas

Based on a 1901 short story by Jack London the Minions of Midas revolves around the blackmailing of media magnate Victor Genoves.

With lots of twists and turns this series is full of suspense and mystery.

Genre – Thriller

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 6

Starring – Marta Belmonte, Marta Milans, Luis Tosar

Where was it filmed? Madrid

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High Seas

Based on a luxury ocean liner sailing between Spain and Brazil in the 1940s this crime drama revolves around mysterious murders on the ship and two sisters making the journey to Rio.

Series 3 follow the ship and its characters as it sails from Argentina to Mexico and crimes continue.

Genre – Crime Drama

Seasons – 3

Episodes –22

Starring – Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena, Alejandra Onieva

Where in was it filmed?

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Set in 1950s Spain this love story follows the romance between the heir to a Spanish fashion house and a seamstress.

The Velvet Collection is a spin-off series based in 1960’s Barcelona.

Genre – Romantic TV Drama

Seasons – 4

Episodes – 55

Starring – Paula Echevarria, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Manuela Velasco

Where in Spain – Madrid (look out for shots of Madrid’s famous Gran Via street)

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Gran Via Street in Madrid

Morocco: Love in Times of War

In 1921 Spanish nurses head to Melilla on the Moroccan coast to open a hospital and care for soldiers injured during the Rif war.

Genre – Period Drama

Date – 2017

Seasons – 1

Episodes – 13

Starring – Amaia Salamanca, Alex Garcia

Where was it filmed? Canary Islands

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Canary Islands

Cable Girls

Set in 1920’2 Madrid the series revolves around the lives of 4 young women Lidia, Marga, Carlota, and Angeles who start work at the first national telephone company.

Genre – Romantic Period TV Drama

Date – 2019

Seasons – 6

Episodes – 42 episodes

Starring – Blanca Suarez, Yon Gonzales, Ana Fernandez

Where in Spain – Madrid

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Cathedral of the Sea

Set in the early 14th-century Cathedral of the Sea follows the life and fortunes of Arnau.

The series is based on the Spanish historical novel La catedral del mar by Ildefonso Falcones.

Genre – TV Period Drama

Date – 2017

Seasons – 1 season

Episodes – 8 episodes

Starring – Aitor Luna, Daniel Grao, Michelle Jenner

Where was it filmed? Barcelona

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House of Flowers

This Spanish language TV series is set in Mexico and follows the fortunes of a wealthy family who own a flower business and cabaret.

Although outwardly perfect the family struggles to maintain its image after their secrets are exposed.

  • Genre – Drama Comedy
  • Released – 2020
  • Number of series & episodes – 3 seasons and 3 episodes
  • Starring – Cecilia Suarz, Aislinn Derbez, Dario Yazbek
  • Where was the series filmed? Mexico City with some scenes in the second series filmed in Madrid

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Mexico City
Mexico City

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