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Are you looking for the best Italian shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime? I have you covered! In this article you will find binge worthy Italian TV series on Netflix to watch now.

Whether you are looking for some travel inspiration for Italy or learning the language these Netflix Italian series will fit the bill!

In this article you will find the best Italian TV shows on Netflix with information included about where in Italy they were filmed (perfect inspiration for you next visit to this beautiful country)


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Italian shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch today

Table Of Contents

Roman Empire

Although not in Italian this epic series follows the turbulent, violent reigns of Commodus, Julius Caesar and Caligula.

Genre – Historical interest/Documentary

Seasons – 3

Starring – Sean Bean

Where in Italy – Set in Roman times

Suburra: Blood on Rome

A battle ensues between the Vatican, corrupt politicians and organised crime following an argument over land in a seaside town near Rome.

Genre – Action/Crime

Seasons – 3 (2017/2019/2020)

Starring – Alessandro Borghi, Giacomo Ferrara, Filippo Nigro

Where in Italy – Rome

Luna Nera

Set in 17th-century Italy this fantasy drama follows a teenager who learns about her destiny among a family of witches.

Genre – Drama/fantasy

Seasons – 1

Starring – Antonia Fotaras, Giorgio Belli, Gloria Carovana

Where in Italy – 17th century Italy

Liberi Sognatori / Ordinary Heroes

Follow the lives of 4 citizens who through their courage, sense of civic duty and ultimate sacrifice helped to transform Italian society.

Genre – Crime TV Drama

Seasons – 1

Starring – Giorgio Tirabassi,Marco Bocci,Cristiana Capotondi

Where in Italy – Palermo, Salento and Sicily

The Trial

Drama involving an investigation following of a crime which could involve all of the main characters.

Genre – Drama

Seasons – 1

Starring – Vittoria Puccini, Francesco Scianna, Camilla Filippi

Where in Italy – Set in Mantova

Mantova in Italy

Carlo & Malik

A veteran detective teams and a rookie team up to investigate a string of murders across Rome.

Genre – Crime TV drama

Seasons – 1

Starring – Claudio Amendola

Where in Italy – Rome


Two teen girls from a wealthy part of Rome end up living double lives after becoming involved in the city’s underworld.

Genre – Teen TV show

Seasons – 3

Starring – Bernadetta Porcaroli

Where in Italy – Rome

First Team: Juventus

Follow Juventus on and off the pitch as they attempt to win the Italian and Champions Leagues in Europe.

Genre – Sports Documentary

Seasons – 2

Starring – Juventus football team!

Where in Italy – Turin


A woman who returns to her home town after 17 years disappears mysteriously one night leaving her children to her family legacy.

Genre – Supernatural/Horror

Seasons – 1

Starring – Valeria Bilello,Luca Lionello,Federico Russo

Where in Italy – In the South Tyrol of northern Italy on the border with Austria and Switzerland.

Beautiful southern Tyrol region of Italy

Detective Montalbano

Based on the novels of famous Italian crime writer Andrea Camilleri the series follow the life of Italian Detective Salvo Montalbano as he deals with murder, corruption and more in his work on the island of Sicily.

Genre – Drama/Suspense

Seasons – 14

Starring – Luca Zingaretti, Peppino Mazzotta, Angelo Russo 

Where in Italy – Sicily

A boat on the sea near a town in Sicily as seen on some Italian TV series on Netflix

The Young Montalbano

The prequel to the Detective Montalbano series set in the beautiful Sicilian town of Vigata.

Genre – Suspense

Seasons – 2

Starring – Michele Riondino 

Where in Italy – Vigata, Sicily


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