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Best Books about Vietnam to Read Before You Visit

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Do you love reading about a destination before you go? Finding out about the history, the culture and the lives of people is one of the best ways to prepare to explore a new country. In this post, I have curated a collection of the best books about Vietnam. 

A popular South East Asian country for travellers Vietnam is home to the beautiful Ha Long Bay, cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

With a population of nearly 100 million, Vietnam is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South East Asia. Soccer is the most popular sport in Vietnam and the Dong is the unit of currency!

You can find a selection of both fiction and non-fiction about Vietnam. You will also find the best Vietnam travel guide books and well as Vietnamese cookbooks.

The Best Fiction Books about Vietnam

Best Books about Vietnam : Non Fiction, Travel Guides & more


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