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10 best books about France to read before you visit

10 best books about France to read before you visit
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In 2018 France was the most visited destination in the world with over 82 million visitors. It’s capital Paris is consistently one of the top three most visited cities with only Bangkok and London attracting more.

Culture, art, food, wine, history, lakes, beaches, mountains, wonderful villages, sophisticated cities, and more France has it all in abundance.

After living in France for 18 months and visiting numerous times over the decades it still remains one of my favourite European cities and is the subject of many famous quotes.

Choosing where to go can be the most difficult part of planning any trip to France – the lure of Paris with its historical buildings, museums and culture or the beauty of the Dordogne with its castles and vineyards, the villages of Provence, the beaches of the Cote D’Azure or the beauty of the mountains (Alps or Pyrenees!) and lakes. Your choices are endless.

If you can’t decide or simply want to prepare for your French vacation why not check out some of these best books about France?

If you want to learn to speak French or simply a few key French phrases why not check out my posts about the best French movies on Netflix or the best French TV series on Netflix?

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10 great books set in France

Best Books About France

My selection of the best books set in France (and the capital Paris)

Updated with new books on a regular basis so do keep checking back!

Books set in France


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