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15 Turkish Movies on Netflix you can’t miss this year

Looking for the best Turkish movies on Netflix? We have you covered – choose from this selection of the best Turkish films and enjoy!

If you are searching for movies set around the world you will find a selection of the best Turkish movies on Netflix in this guide. We have included some of the best Turkish dramas, love stories and comedies so there are plenty of genres to choose from!

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Top 15 Turkish movies on Netflix

My Mother’s Wound

This Turkish film on Netflix is actually based on a true story. It tells an amazing tale of family, love, and identity set in the wake of the Bosnian War.

A teenage orphan strikes out on his own to seek revenge for his mother and search for his lost family. He holds onto hope through a harrowing journey that is full of twists and turns. It’s a thrilling example of Turkish cinema that is available to watch today. It’s also available to download before watching if you’d like to save a little data. 

  • Genre – Drama 
  • Released – 2016
  • Starring – Ozan Guven, Meryem Uzerli
  • Location – Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tuzla in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Tuzla in Bosnia Herzegovina



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Ayla: The Daughter of War

One of the best Turkish movies on Netflix, The Daughter of War takes place during the course of the Korean War.

The main character is Sergeant Suleyman who finds a half-frozen little girl lost and alone. In a heroic feat, risking everything, he saves her and takes her back to camp where all the soldiers take care of her.

Forming a beautiful bond over time despite not being able to communicate with her, scenes of joy begin to fill the everyday life of these men before the shocking news comes that they are to be sent home.  

  • Genre – Drama
  • Released – 2017
  • Starring – Ismael Haciaglu, Kim Seol
  • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

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Miracle in Cell No. 7

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is an awesome Turkish film adaptation of a South Korean comedy-drama movie. When her mentally-ill father is wrongfully accused of a horrible crime, his determined daughter does all in her power to clear his name and get him out of prison.

It’s a heartwarming story that has a surprise ending sure to both shock and delight Netflix viewers. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Released – 2019
  • Starring – Aga Muhlach, Xia Vigor
  • Location – Milas, Mulga, Turkey

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Milas in Turkey.
Milas in Turkey

For Both of Us

For Both of Us is one of the most amazing movies in Turkish culture today. It’s ultimately a story of forbidden love, focusing on a young girl living a sheltered life in a very small village.

The sudden arrival of a mysterious new literature teacher turns her world upside down as they quickly fall in love. A tangled web of family, friends, secrets, and lies is formed in the wake of their inescapable romance, leaving everyone involved looking for answers. 

  • Genre – Romance
  • Released – 2016
  • Starring – Serenay Sarikaya, Nejat Isler
  • Location – Mudanya, Turkey

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Mudanya in Turkey.
Mudanya in Turkey

Only You (Sadece Sen)

Only You is a fantastic example of Turkish films on Netflix and of gritty, romantic cinema in general. A relationship develops when a former boxer falls for a blind girl but is haunted by a tragic and ominous past.

It’s actually a more modern remake of the classic Korean film Always. It’s one of the most refreshingly unpredictable stories, deeply touching whether watched by lovers or not. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in engaging volatile videos about the dark side of love.

  • Genre – Romance
  • Released – 2014
  • Starring – Ibrahim Celikkol, Belcim Bilgin
  • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

Husband Factor (Kocan Kadar Konus) 

As far as RomComs go this Turkish film is an amazing tale full of laughter and love.

Based on a best-selling novel called Kocan Kadar Konus, a woman who desires true love more than anything, even over marriage, deals with adversity from family and surrounding society. She’s never had a relationship, and as such must learn a few womanly ways in order to try and achieve her happily ever after.

It’s a topsy turvy film that deals with tradition and current Turkey while making sure anyone will find plenty of funny moments while watching.  

  • Genre – Comedy/Romance
  • Released – 2015
  • Starring – Ezgi Mola, Murat Yildirim
  • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul in Turkey.
Istanbul in Turkey

My Father

A heart-wrenching story about a complicated father-son relationship and all the expectations that come with it My Father boasts compelling characters and a unique unfolding saga.

A politically active and rebellious college student becomes a left-wing journalist, despite the wishes of his father to return home and run the family farm. After a devastating military coup occurs, he loses his wife during childbirth and has no choice but to go back to his village and face his own father. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Released – 2017
  • Starring – Cetin Tenkindor, Berker Guven
  • Location – Seferihasar, Turkey

Sour Apples (Ekşi Elmalar)

Sour Apples is a lively, colourful, and fun film. It’s a modern-day Shakespearean comedy that effortlessly works in elements of traditional Turkish culture and history.

An overbearing father, who happens to be the mayor, develops Alzheimer’s allowing for the sudden freedom of his daughters who have been previously restricted. With the missing husband problem being their main focus, they set out to fall in love and meet some fascinating friends along the way.

It’s a lighthearted musical romp about quests for a life lived. Sour Apples highlights an impressive cast, including the actor from the Turkish TV series Winter Sun.

  • Genre – Drama/Romance
  • Released – 2016
  • Starring – Farah Zeynip Abdullah, Sukran Ovali
  • Location – Antalya, Turkey

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Antalya in Turkey.
Antalya in Turkey

Butterfly’s Dream

Better than any new Turkish series, Butterfly’s Dream is the favourite film of many seeking out Turkish dramas. Set during the Second World War, in an atmosphere of poverty and turmoil, there are two young poets.

Both have been stricken with tuberculosis, though it doesn’t stop them from living out their literary aspirations and seeking the affections of a beautiful girl. It has become beloved across many streaming platforms, including Youtube.

  • Genre – Drama
  • Released – 2013
  • Starring – Kivanc Tatlitug, Belcim Bilgin
  • Location – Zonguldak, Turkey

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Zonguldak in Turkey.
Zonguldak in Turkey

Paper Lives

Of all the Turkish Netflix movies, Paper Lives really stands out as a good movie. New on the scene, it has quickly become an important part of the cinematic scene. It revolves around Mehmet, who runs a solid waste facility in an impoverished area.

Once homeless himself, he often helps children in need within the community. He discovers an eight-year-old boy hiding among refuse, and his life is forever changed as he attempts to reunite him with his family. 

  • Genre – Drama
  • Released – 2021
  • Starring – Cagatay Ulusoy, Emir Ali Dogrul
  • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul in Turkey where many Turkish movies on Netflix are based.
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Grudge

    The Grudge is one of many amazing Turkish movies streaming today. It follows the chief inspector of the police after winning a very precious award, likely to result in a big promotion.

    However, in a taxi ride from hell on the way home, he’s forced to commit a murder in the name of self-defence. When the case comes across his desk, he has to search for any sign of the killer’s true identity, knowing all the time that he committed the act. 

    • Genre – Thriller
    • Released – 2021
    • Starring – Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu
    • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

    Red Istanbul (İstanbul Kırmızısı)

    Based on a book of the same name, Red Istanbul is a captivating example of good Turkish movies. Orhan is glad to agree to leave London and go back to Turkey to help a famous director edit his first book.

    Arriving at an ominous mansion, he’s soon sucked into the complicated and mysterious relationships that exist inside. His filmmaker friend disappears, leaving many unanswered questions for him to solve. 

    • Genre – Drama
    • Released – 2017
    • Starring – Tuba Buyukustun, Halit Ergenc
    • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

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    Istanbul Turkey
    Istanbul is the location for many Turkish films

    The Miracle (Mucize)

    The Miracle was inspired by a South Korean film but has a much more emotional spin on a similar storyline. It takes place in the 1960s where a teacher turns up against his will in a remote mountain village only to find they don’t have a school.

    Forming a close friendship with a disabled villager, they work to build a place for education in the tiny town. It’s based on a true story about the power of love and humanity. It’s both heartwarming and beautifully shot. 

    • Genre – Drama/Romance
    • Released – 2015
    • Starring – Mert Turak, Mahsun Kirmizigul
    • Location – Kars, Turkey

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    Kars in Turkey.
    Kars in Turkey

    Last Summer (Geçen Yaz)

    A coming-of-age film about the intense ups and downs of first love, Last Summer is poignant and powerful to watch. A teen boy spends the summer at a family cottage on the coast and becomes instantly infatuated with his older sister’s best friend.

    A love triangle soon develops and adds quite a bit of angsty tension to the film. However, a heartbreaking secret changes the tone for a sad and surprising twist. Sun-drenched and dreamy, this quiet film has its way of sneaking up on its viewers. 

    • Genre – Drama
    • Released – 2021
    • Starring – Ece Cesmioglu, Aslihan Malbora
    • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

    One Way to Tomorrow

    A sweet and steamy slow burn, One Way to Go is the perfect streaming pick. Two strangers meet by chance on a train journey across the country.

    They begin on a bumpy start, stuck together only by chance, but it turns into a fortuitous encounter when they learn that their individual paths are more intertwined than first appeared. Fun fact, it’s the first original film from Turkey. 

    • Genre – Romance
    • Released – 2020
    • Starring – Dilan Cicek Deniz, Metin Akdulger
    • Location – Istanbul, Turkey

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