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21 Turkish Series on Netflix (Absolute Best Shows 2024)

There are lots of great Turkish series on Netflix to enjoy. Whether you are looking for some Turkish shows to watch for a bit of binge-watching or searching for some travel inspiration for a future trip to Turkey you will find it in this article.

We have included the locations where these Netflix Turkish series were set (or filmed) plus beautiful images of each destination.

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Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

21 of the Best Turkish Series on Netflix

Who were we running from?

“Who Were We Running From?” is one of the most recent and popular Turkish dramas to appear on Netflix. The series follows the mysterious and intense journey of an unnamed woman who always dresses in black and her devoted teenage daughter, Bambi.

This enigmatic mother-daughter duo constantly moves from one luxury hotel to another across Turkey, often staying for extended periods. However, their lives are shrouded in paranoia, as they believe that someone is relentlessly pursuing them.

Their paranoia is validated when the police arrive at the first hotel they visit, confirming that they are indeed being pursued. The series, directed by Umut Aral, delves deep into the complicated and codependent relationship between the mother and daughter as they grapple with their traumatic and mysterious pasts.

“Who Were We Running From?” is a suspenseful and emotionally charged drama that explores themes of trust, survival, and the haunting secrets that drive this family on the run. As the series unfolds, viewers are taken on a gripping journey filled with intrigue and psychological tension as they seek to uncover the truth behind the characters’ troubled pasts.

Genre – Drama

Seasons – One, released 2023

Starring – Melisa Sozen, Eylül Tumbar

Where in Turkey – Antalya, Cappadocia and other locations across Turkey

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The main character of Intersection is Ali Karasu, a former race car driver who takes over his father’s lucrative business but holds onto other dreams. His plans change drastically when a beautiful doctor saves his best friend’s life and also happens to be treating his previously unknown son.

It touches on themes of both loss and love as the characters try to balance all aspects of their past and current lives.

You’ll find conflict, intrigue, humour, and romance all wrapped into one twisting and turning plot, plus the cast is phenomenal! At the end of the day, Intersection is a Turkish TV series about the unpredictability of life events and the emotional relationship between father and son.

Genre – Drama

Seasons – Three, released 2017

Starring – Ibrahim Celikkol, Belcim Bilgin

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Map of Istanbul.
Many of the Turkish Series on Netflix are based in Istanbul



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Bir Baskadir (Ethos)

“Bir Baskadir” is a thought-provoking drama series that explores the complexities of human emotions and relationships in contemporary Turkey.

The story revolves around a diverse group of people living in Istanbul, each grappling with their own hopes, dreams, and insecurities. As their paths intersect, viewers witness the beauty of love and connection, as well as the challenges that come with societal expectations and personal struggles.

The show is a compelling portrayal of the unique and interconnected lives of its characters, making it a must-watch for those seeking a deep exploration of human nature.

Genre: Drama

Seasons: One, released in 2020

Starring: Binnur Kaya, Tülin Özen, and others

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Love Me As I Am

This is a romantic comedy series about the beauty of love as well as its ups and downs in Turkey. Two young people from different classes of society meet and fall in love. They fall for each other at first sight and quickly marry, soon to discover that relationships are hard work and not always perfect, especially when complicated family dynamics and opposing backgrounds get in the way.

You’re sure to fall for every character and all the special friendships that are made along the way in both vulnerable and funny moments. Highly watched on many streaming services, it’s easily one of the best Turkish shows on Netflix today. 

Genre – Comedy

Seasons – Three, released 2013

Starring – Zeynep Camci, Alper Saldiran

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Row of houses in Turkey.

The Club

“The Club” is a thrilling and suspenseful Turkish drama series that delves into the world of organized crime, corruption, and the pursuit of justice.

The story centres around a group of individuals from different backgrounds who find themselves drawn into a secret organization known as “The Club.” This clandestine group is committed to exposing and dismantling the deep-rooted corruption within society and government.

As the members of “The Club” work undercover to unveil the truth, they must navigate a treacherous web of deceit, danger, and moral dilemmas. The series explores the complex dynamics of power and morality, showcasing the sacrifices and challenges faced by those who dare to challenge the status quo.

With its gripping narrative and compelling characters, “The Club” has gained a dedicated following and is celebrated for its exploration of societal issues and the lengths individuals will go to in their quest for justice.

“The Club” offers viewers an intense and thought-provoking viewing experience, making it a notable addition to the world of Turkish television.

Genre: Crime Drama, Thriller

Seasons: One, released in 2020

Starring: Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Serkan Keskin, and others

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Another Self

“Another Self” is a captivating psychological drama that delves into the intricacies of identity and self-discovery.

The series follows the life of a woman who begins to unravel a series of mysteries after an accident leaves her with amnesia. As she embarks on a journey to piece together her past, she uncovers shocking truths about her life and the people around her.

“Another Self” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful narrative and intricate character development, making it a compelling addition to the world of Turkish television.

Genre: Psychological Drama

Seasons: One, released in 2020

Starring: Gökçe Bahadir, Salih Bademci, and others

Location: Various locations in Turkey

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Black Money Love

This Turkish title has become popular worldwide. The story of Black Money Love focuses on the suspicious events surrounding a mysterious murder. A police officer finds his fiancee’s body and sets out on a quest for the truth and for revenge.

At the same time, a family loses their father and later discovers his dangerous past business dealings, leaving them embroiled in dirty work and desperate for answers. It’s a thrill ride of drama, crime, action, and mystery. You can watch this on Netflix today in the original language. 

Genre – Romance

Seasons – One, released 2014

Starring – Tuba Buyukustun, Engin Akyurek

Where in Turkey – Van

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Van in Tukey where some Turkish series on Netflix are set
Van in Tukey where this Turkish series on Netflix is set

The Gift

The Gift is a relatively new Turkish series that’s adapted from an original novel. The lead girl is an artist obsessed with a mystical symbol and living a simple life in Istanbul, Turkey with her husband and daughter until one day a discovery is made in the most ancient temple in the world.

The Anatolian archaeological site unveils a spiritual mystery about life. While looking into her own past she ends up questioning everything. A dark force is at play as her immortal enemy, adding a sinister element to an already exciting fan favourite.

This Netflix Turkish series explores universal secrets through captivating scenes and compelling character stories. 

Genre – Mystery

Seasons – Three, released 2019

Starring – Beren Saat, Melisa Senolsun

Where in Turkey – Gobeklitepe, Sanliurfa

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Sanliurfa in Turkey.
Sanliurfa in Turkey

The Protector

If you’re going to search for any movies and TV shows on Netflix, this is the one to pick out of the full list. It’s super binge-worthy and a fantasy saga for the age of Turkish dramas. A boy with special powers must save the city from dark and powerful sources.

In protecting Istanbul, he enlists help from friends and family around him. They face several challenges from this secret power and endure all kinds of adventures on their path to right the wrong. It’s based on a sci-fi novel called A Strange Story of Charcoal and a Young Man and has the compelling cinematic feel of many other Turkish movies, as well. 

Genre – Action

Seasons – Four, released 2018

Starring – Cagatay Ulusoy, Hazar Erguclu

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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“Fatma” is a gritty and intense drama series that follows the life of its titular character, Fatma, a cleaning lady who becomes embroiled in a world of crime in her quest for justice.

After her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Fatma takes matters into her own hands, navigating a dangerous underworld while facing the harsh realities of life in Istanbul.

The show masterfully portrays the complexities of a woman’s journey through adversity and showcases the strength of the human spirit.

“Fatma” is a dark and gripping exploration of the lengths one person will go to in the pursuit of truth and retribution.

Genre: Crime Drama

Seasons: One, released in 2021

Starring: Burcu Biricik, Uğur Yücel, and others

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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View of the city of Istanbul.

The End

This was the first Turkish drama series to air on primetime and still holds up today on Netflix. It’s a psychological thriller about a woman who seems to have it all. A loving marriage and family. After a tragic accident occurs, she realizes nothing is as it seems and is left questioning her husband and their life together.

It has elements of mystery and romance intertwined, always keeping viewers guessing as she searches for the truth. It has been adapted into many other languages and streamed in countries all over the world. 

It’s been heralded as the inspiration for some newer popular drama series, such as Bir Baskadir, the tense tale of a part-time cleaner navigating complex social and economic disparities through several unique relationships.

Genre – Drama

Seasons – One, released 2012

Starring – Nehir Erdogan, Yigit Ozsener

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Street in Istanbul.


Gonul is a story of a woman of the same name who has had a difficult upbringing only to become a successful nurse and who falls for one of the top surgeons in the field. Quickly bonding over past trauma, they decide to get married.

However, something seemingly sinister gets in the way at the last moment in the form of an ex-girlfriend with information to share. After this figure from her fiance’s past winds up murdered, Gonul knows she must escape.

Another love interest enters the scene, leading to more complications and romance. The characters are charismatic and the story is compelling. 

Genre – Drama

Seasons – One, released 2015

Starring – Onur Saylak, Gokce Bahadir  

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Behzat C.

This thrilling series focuses on a troubled and discredited police chief and his inharmonious team. While solving mysterious crimes, personalities clash between department officials and politicians. As the head of homicide, the cases are often about murder.

He is tough, cynical and follows his own morals above the law. He’s also a father who experiences a great loss in the first season which leads to some major surprises down the line. Production quality is high here compared to some other Turkish dramas of the time.

There was also a theatrical movie made of the TV series, both of which are based on novels by Emrah Serbes. 

Genre – Drama

Seasons – Three, released 2010

Starring – Fatih Artman, Inanc Konicku

Where in Turkey – Ankara

Ankara in Turkey.

Kurt Seyit ve Sura

This period series is based on a true story. A handsome Turkish sergeant falls in love with a beautiful woman of Russian nobility. Together they must risk everything for each other and escape the revolution.

It takes you through many true events of historical significance, from Carpathian front lines to the occupation of Istanbul. It’s an intense journey full of hope, friendship, and betrayal. It’s the perfect whirlwind balance of romance and history. With drastically different pasts and an uncertain future, a rich tapestry is weaved to help love survive in limbo. 

If you like this, check out a favourite among Turkish films called Alya, which centres around similar themes but in the context of the Korean War.

Genre – Romance

Seasons – One, released 2014

Starring – Kivanc Tatlitug, Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Resurrection: Ertugrul

Resurrection: Ertugrul is a Turkish historical fiction, focused on the Ottoman empire. The hero is a warrior from the 13th century, and one of the most famous of his era. He is also the father of Osmon, the founder of the entire empire. He fights for the peace and justice of his people on all fronts, against the Crusaders, Byzantines, and Mongols.

There is plenty of action and adventure in this dramatic series. It’s a vivid representation of a Turkik Asian community and Muslim culture.

There is a sequel series, as well, called Kurulus: Osman. The characters are based on real historical figures, and the events are exaggerated takes on true political happenings. 

Genre – Drama

Seasons – Five, released 2014

Starring – Aslihan Hatun, Aykiz

Where in Turkey – Riva, Beykoz, Istanbul

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Beykoz in Turkey
Beykoz in Turkey

More viewing inspiration

Love 101

Love 101 is a new romantic comedy series on Netflix. Set in the 1990s, it’s about a group of teens who ban together. They’re all outcasts at risk of expulsion who find their own identities and way in life while forming deep friendships.

With only one teacher in the whole school looking out for them, they need to help her fall in love in order to give her a reason to stay in town. It’s centred around the lives of a bunch of loveable misfits and in the end, is ultimately about chasing dreams and being yourself. 

It’s one of the best Turkish TV series today.

Genre – Comedy

Seasons – Two, released 2020

Starring – Mert Yazicioglu, Alina Boz

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Winter Sun

Adapted from a South Korean series, Winter Sun is a story about revenge and redemption. Rich ruthless businessmen conspire to have a partner of theirs murdered. However, when they discover the sole witness is his son Efe, he is sent away and raised as a simple fisherman.

When he returns as an adult he discovers he has a twin brother who is working at the very same business company. The killers hatch a plan to take him out, but it all goes wrong when they get the other brother instead. It’s all up to Efe to save the day by swapping identities and avenging his father’s death. 

Genre – Drama

Seasons – One, released 2016

Starring – Sukru Ozyilzdiz, Asli Enver

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

Sunset view of Istanbul.

Rise of Empires

Similar to documentaries on the subject, this dramatized series takes true events that easily transition from film to the small screen. It follows Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II who wages an epic war against the Byzantines, detailing the fall of Constantinople.

The subsequent course of history is changed forever. It’s only six episodes, lying right in the balance between movies and TV shows. It’s an impressive tale of the emotional complexity and brutal extravagance of empires, with stunning visual effects.

It does depict the gruesome reality of such wars through scenes of extreme violence at times. 

Genre – Docudrama

Seasons – One, released 2020

Starring – Cem Yigit Uzumoglu, Tuba Buyukustun

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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20 Minutes

20 Minutes has a bit of action, drama, and romance all rolled into one. Ali is a mild-mannered teacher whose wife is falsely accused of the attempted murder of a prominent and corrupt politician’s son. He must do everything he can to save his sweet and loving wife from being wrongfully imprisoned, for himself and his young son and daughter as well.

When the evidence against her starts to look more like a conspiracy than coincidence, parallel patterns begin to unravel in their home life and in prison. It’s based on a French movie called Without Guilt and is a true thriller packed with twists and turns. 

Genre – Action

Seasons – One, released 2013

Starring – Tuba Buyukustun, Ilker Aksum

Where in Turkey – Istanbul

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Old City Balat in Istanbul Turkey.
Old City Balat in Istanbul Turkey

The Innocent

Innocent is a slow burn about the chief of a homicide squad who is assigned to secretly investigate suspicious death in a small village that he happens to be from. The case focuses on a retired commissioner whose quiet life out in the countryside is turned upside down by the sudden arrival of his son.

He bears news of the suspicious circumstances surrounding a car accident resulting in a death and a missing body. As the sly investigation ensues, the chief begins to learn not everything is not as it seems in this tiny town as tension builds throughout the series. It’s an adaptation of a theatrical play and is the first online-only Turkish drama. 

Genre – Mystery

Seasons – One, released 2017

Starring – Haluk Bilginer, Ali Atay

Where in Turkey – Kocaeli

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Osmangazi Bridge in Kocaeli.
Osmangazi Bridge in Kocaeli

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