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How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo (essential guide)

Considering a trip from Copenhagen to Malmo? I have you covered! In this article, you will find all the different ways (car, train, bus and tour) to travel to the Swedish city of Malmo from Copenhagen.

Are you considering a Copenhagen to Malmo day trip or perhaps a longer visit to this Swedish city? A day trip is an easy, fast and inexpensive journey to organise and well worth the short train or car journey across the Øresund bridge.

The distance from Copenhagen to Malmo is a mere 28 kms with 8 kms of it covered by the Øresund Bridge. If you are thinking of making this journey you may be wondering how to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo and what to do in Malmo for a day if you do go.

Spending a day in Malmö from Copenhagen is a really common excursion for those visiting the capital of Denmark and one I would encourage you to consider if you have the time to fit it into your itinerary.

Map showing location of Malmo.

What are the best routes to travel between Copenhagen to Malmo

There are a number of ways to travel between the 2 cities on a day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen.

From Copenhagen to Malmo you can travel:

By car

It is possible to drive across (there is a toll to pay) – it is a 35-minute drive across the Øresund Bridge.

Check here for up-to-date information on costs

By bus

The cheapest option is to travel across to Sweden from Copenhagen by bus. Choose from the Flixbus which runs 15 buses a day from Copenhagen to Malmo or the Nettbuss with 7 buses available.

Tickets can be purchased through Omio on the link below which sells Flixbus tickets – you can compare prices and times for both trains and buses on their website.

Click here for the timetable and costs for the bus to Malmo »  

There is also bus route 999 which travels from Copenhagen-Malmö from several locations in Copenhagen. You can find more information on this option here!

By train

The easiest, fastest and most efficient method is travelling by train between the two cities. Trains leave from København H (the city’s central train station) every 20 minutes and it takes approx 35 minutes to cross the Øresund Bridge to Sweden!

Train tickets from Copenhagen to Malmo cost about 77 Danish Krone.  

The quickest route is 30 minutes. The first train leaving Copenhagen is at 00:12, the last is at 23:52. There are an average of 69 trains a day between Copenhagen and Malmo, leaving approximately every 29 minutes.

  • Departure station : Koebenhavn h (Banegårdspladsen 7 1570 Copenhagen)
  • Arrival station : Malmo central (Lokgatan 5 211 20 Malmo)

Click for train times and tickets to Malmo»

TIP – Don’t forget to have your passport with you whichever way you choose to visit Malmo from Copenhagen!    

Take a tour

If you are pushed for time or would prefer a tour from Copenhagen there are some great options available from my preferred tour company – Get Your Guide

Discover Malmö, an unhurried city that combines a medieval core with a cosmopolitan vibe. You can marvel at the many historic buildings and parks that are perfect for a walking tour, whilst learning about them from your local guide.

See the sights of Malmö on a guided boat tour that takes you along the city’s canals and under its bridges. Learn about the city’s history, its landmarks and monuments, and important personalities on this unique sightseeing tour.

See the sights of Malmo like a local on a small group 3-hour bike tour and marvel at impressive monuments such as the Turning Torso tower and 15th-century Malmö Castle


the city hall Malmo in Sweden just one thing to see when spending a day in Malmo | How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo
Malmo town hall

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Crossing the Oresund Bridge

The bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo is the Oresund Bridge. It is a pretty awesome bridge to look at and spans the distance between the two countries allowing residents of either country to travel and work in the other very easily!

It also makes it a lot easier for us tourists/travellers to spend a day in Malmo.  

The Oresund bridge was opened in 2000 and is absolutely amazing – the cars run on top with the train underneath!

The bridge is 8 kms long before you reach an artificial island and the line descends into a 4 km tunnel. It really is a fantastic experience!  

The Oresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden | How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo
The Oresund Bridge

Plan your visit to Malmo – essential FAQs

Do I need my passport when I travel between Copenhagen and Malmo?

I highly recommend that you take your passport. We had ours checked on the way into Sweden and it is possible that checks can occur at either border.

What is there to do and see in Malmo?

If you are planning a Malmo day trip rather than an extended stay I would recommend (if arriving by train) that you head to the tourist information which is next to the train station.

They have maps available as well as bicycles for hire and a cycle map if you prefer to see the city on 2 wheels. There is a lot to do in day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen and you will see a lot of people cycling around even in winter!  

This is an example of the various places to visit in Malmo. I would recommend reading my in-depth guide to Malmo for more information about what there is to do in Malmo.  

The Stortorget

The Stortorget is largest and oldest square in Malmo – you can’t really miss it is you walk straight into the centre from the train station. It was created in 1540 and has a statue of King Karl X Gustav right in the middle. The square is surrounded by buildings dating back to the 16th century.

The Lilla Torg

The Lilla Torg or Little Square is a smaller cobblestone square and dates back to 1592. It has lots of coffee shops and restaurants if you (like we did) fancy a coffee and cake break!

St Petri Church

This is the oldest building in the city and dates back to the early 14th century. Apparently it is built in the Gothic style.

The Turning Torso

A slightly newer structure (2005)  in Malmo is the Turning Torso which is a neo-futuristic building and the tallest in Sweden too! I rather like it and as it is residential people actually get to live inside it!  

Beautiful buildings in Malmo.
Beautiful buildings in Malmo.

When is the best time of year to travel from Copenhagen to Malmo?

We visited Denmark in February and therefore took our day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen in the winter. Obviously, winter in Europe means that the weather will be cold. There was snow and ice on the ground in Malmo and it was a little bit chilly.  

February is the coldest month with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees so make sure you are prepared. The warmest months to visit Malmo are June/July and August.  

While it is cold during the winter months you will find that most tourist spots are less crowded and more accessible.  

Malmo in the snow.
Malmo in the snow
Malmo in the snow.
Malmo in the snow

  If you are planning to explore more of Scandinavia read all about exploring the West Coast of Sweden on a road trip from Gothenburg to Oslo in Norway.

What currency do I need for Sweden?

The Swedish currency is Swedish Krona. Note that Swedish Krona is not the same as Danish Krona!

Credit cards are readily accepted everywhere.

Turning Torso in Malmo Sweden

More to watch!

Is it possible to see Malmo on foot?

Quite a few of the top attractions are further out than you can get to on foot so if you want to see a bit more than the city centre I would plan your trip to Malmö and familiarise yourself with the different public transport options.

Obviously if you are driving this may be a little easier!

Check out the official Malmo city website before you arrive as it includes lots of great information to help plan your day trip to Malmo so you see and do all you want.

Malmo cover on the ground.
Troll in Malmo.

Where to stay in Malmo (Accommodation options)

If you decide to visit Malmo from Copenhagen for more than one day (perhaps on your way to Stockholm or for further explorations in Sweden) these are my recommended accommodation options in Malmo.

Radisson Blu Hotel Malmo

6115 15040818180026764384

Situated in the heart of Malmo this modern spacious hotel offers free WiFi, gym and sauna access (perfect in the colder winter months)

Sample Swedish dishes in the restaurant and bar which is located in one of Malmo’s oldest timber-framed buildings.


Hotel Duxiana Malmo

Outside of the Hotel Duxiana in Malmo

This small boutique hotel is located only 100 metres from the train station and Lilla Torg Square. Each room reflects both the historic nature of the building mixed with Scandinavian design.

Comfortable beds, a great breakfast and a cosy environment make this a popular choice for visitors to Malmo.


Final thoughts about visiting Malmo from Copenhagen

This article will have provided you with all the information you need to make a day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen. It is worth the journey – it is very easy and crossing the famous Oresund Bridge is an experience. 

There is plenty to do and see in Malmo whatever the season.

Have a great trip!

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