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Guide to Australian slang (100+ Aussie slang words & phrases)

G’day, Bruce! (or Sheila) We all know some Aussie slang words probably picked up from repeated viewings of Crocodile Dundee as kids – or is that just me?! As they say in Australia, it’s fair dinkum, mate!

In this article, you will find my guide to Australian slang words and phrases, including all the essential terms you need to know before you visit Australia, whether on holiday, to study or to live.

At the end of the article, you will also find links to many of our other articles about life in Australia.

An A – Z of Australian slang

AMBO – paramedic

ARVO – afternoon

AVOS – avocados

* These are 3 perfect examples of the ‘o’ phenomenon which you will hear a lot! Why say the entire word when it can be shortened and an “o” added!

BANANA BENDER – someone from Queensland

BARBIE – barbeque

BARRACK – to cheer on (football team etc.)

BATHERS – swimsuit

BIKKIE – biscuit

BLUDGER – lazy person

BOOMER – large male kangaroo

BOTTLE-O  liquor shop

BRIZZIE – Brisbane

CHEWIE – chewing gum

CHOOK – chicken

CHUNDER – vomit

COMPO – compensation pay for workers

CRAPPA – loo

CROOK – ill

DAMPER – bread made from flour and water

DEVO – devastated

DOCKET – bill

DOONA – duvet

DRONGO – stupid person

DUNNY – toilet

EKKA – the name of the annual show in Brisbane

ESKY – large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.

FAIR DINKUM MATE – the real deal

FANG IT – drive really fast

FISHO – fish shop

FOOTIE – rugby

FOSSICK – search for something

GALAH – stupid person

GOON – wine in a box

GROG – beer

HOON – hooligan

JOURNO – journalist

JOCKIES/JOCKS – boxer shorts/underwear

KINDY – kindergarten

LOLLIES – sweets

LOUNGE – sofa

MACCAS – McDonald’s

MANCHESTER – bed linen & sheets!

NUMBAT – error of judgement

POKIES – slot machines

PORT – suitcase (in Queensland)

REGO – vehicle registration

ROAD TRAIN – big truck with many trailers

ROOT – sex “have a root”

RUMPUS – kids/family room

SARVO – afternoon

SALVOS – Salvation Army

SANGA – sandwich

SHNITTY – schnitzel (very popular in Australia!)

SERVO – petrol station

SLAB – carton of 24 bottles or cans

SMOKO – coffee break

SNAG – sausage

SOCCER – football

STICKYBEAK – nosy person

STRIDES – trousers

SUNNIES – sunglasses

SWAG – rolled up bedding

TANTY – tantrum

THONGS – flipflops

TRACKY DAKS – tracksuit pants

TUCKER – food

UTE – utility truck

VEGO – vegetarian

WOOP WOOP – Middle of nowhere

YAKKA – hard work

YWEY – u-turn

Fruit & Veg

BROCCOLINI – baby broccoli

ZUCCHINI – courgette

SNOW PEAS – sugar snap peas/mangetout

CAPSICUM – peppers

EGGPLANT – aubergine

Aussie slang quiz!

Image of a kangaroo on a beach above a quiz matching Aussie slang words with UK slang words.

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