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Buying Guide to the Best Mini Theft Proof Travel Bags

Are you traveling soon and considering which theft proof travel bag you are going to purchase for your trip? With so many different sizes and styles of theft proof bags to choose from it is often best to decide what you wish to use the bag for before you purchase.

These smaller bags – mini theft proof travel bags – are perfect for carrying your essentials such as a purse, mobile phone, and lipstick. If you need a bag that can carry more items read my essential guide to theft proof bags which includes larger bags and backpacks.

I have a number of theft proof bags of varying sizes, styles, colours and makes including a theft proof daypack, 3 cross body theft proof bags and 2 mini theft proof travel bags. I always take at least 2 bags with me when I travel – one to use during the day and another small theft proof bag for the evening. 

This post is specifically comparing the best of the various mini theft proof travel bags that are on the market. These bags are ideal for carrying the essentials.

All of these bags have the key features that are essential in a theft proof bag including a slash-resistent body and strap, locking compartments and straps and RFID blocking. You can read more about these features and why they are important near the end of this article.

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Essential Features of a Theft Proof Bag or Purse

All of the bags above have key features which are essential in a theft-proof bag. These include features that ensure that you are keeping your valuables as safe as possible from theft and pickpockets. 

√  Slash resistant mesh body panel and straps

√ Locking compartments and straps

√ RFID blocking

These key features tackle the most common thefts that occur when thieves 

  1. Attempt to slash open the bottom of the bag 
  2. Slash the strap and grab the bag
  3. Undo zips and steal the contents from inside your bag
  4. Attempt to scan your bag for your ID and credit card details

What is the Advantage of Using Mini Theft Proof Travel Bags?

I never travel without my theft-proof bags. After an attempted theft in Paris a number of years ago I realised just how essential it is to take the necessary steps to protect my belongings when I am travelling. I always have my bags with me whether I am in London, San Francisco, Rome or Penang.

Using a theft-proof bag when you travel provides greater protection and peace of mind. I certainly feel less anxious when I travel with my theft-proof bags. I highly recommend purchasing at least one bag for use when you are travelling at home or abroad.

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