25 of the best beaches in Australia to visit


With more beaches than any other country in the world (over 10,000 in case you are ever asked in a quiz) you are truly spoilt for choice in Australia. Although, like most of the population of Australia, I have my favourite beaches it is impossible to actually know ALL of them! With a coastline measuring […]

10 things NOT to do in Australia

(This post about things not to do in Australia was updated in April 2019)   If you are planning to visit (or even move) to Australia it is worth knowing some of the things NOT to do when you are in the country. I have lived in Australia for nearly 2 years and have learnt […]

Top 5 things to do in Bowen Queensland

(This post about things to do in Bowen was updated in March 2019)   If you are a grey nomad or simply taking a road trip around Northern Queensland then a stop in Bowen for a few days or more should be on your itinerary!   The great towns along the coastline of Queensland are […]

Tasmania animal guide (including where to find them!)


  Tasmania is an island typified by great scenery, walks, beaches, food and drink. It is also home to some of the most weird and wonderful of Australian wildlife. Many Australian animals at risk on the mainland have survived and thrived in Tasmania and you will inevitably come across some of the island’s inhabitants on your […]

A guide to the best time to see Cape Hillsborough kangaroos

| The Best Time to See Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos featured by top international travel blog, Tracy's Travels in Time

(This post was about the best time to see kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough was updated in March 2019)   I am sure everyone in Australia and abroad has seen stunning images of kangaroos on a beautiful beach at dawn. If you are a nature lover and/or a keen photographer and would like to have the […]