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GTPP Episode 7 – UK to Australia: Making the move with guest Karen Bleakley

In Episode 7 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast Tracy chats with fellow travel writer Karen Bleakley about her and her family’s move to Australia.

Karen shares her experience of leaving the UK and settling in Brisbane with her husband and three young children. She also discusses her website, Smart Steps to Australia, which offers support and guidance to families planning a move to the Land Down Under. Through her new podcast, New Life in Australia, Karen aims to share stories and tips to help others feel less alone in their own adventure of moving abroad.

Time stamps

[00:02:21] Growing up, wanted to travel. Met Matt. Shared interests, decided to travel together.

[00:05:40] Queensland was chosen because of the fantastic climate and good beaches.

[00:09:51] Visa application, research, frustration, lucky outcome

[00:14:12] Moving to Australia was difficult but worth it.

[00:16:23] Time pressure to move before the kids started school.

[00:18:40] They chose Brisbane for work opportunities, lucky with jobs,

[00:21:47] Tip – Find a supportive community for moving abroad.

Links to relevant articles and podcasts

Links to Karen’s website, directory and podcast

This website also has articles about visiting Australia – so there is lots of inspiration before and after your move.

Guest Bio – Karen Bleakley

Karen Bleakley

Karen Bleakley is the founder of, host of the New Life in Australia podcast, and creator of the Move to Australia Directory.

She moved to Brisbane, Queensland from the UK with her husband and three kids under five in 2014 and now her mission is to help other people follow their big dreams of relocating across the world to live a life of freedom.