7 Awesome books about Australian Animals

Australian animals - echidna, koala, kangaroo and wombat

  A selection of the best books about Australian animals. Find out about some of the most amazing and unique animals on the planet including koala, kangaroos, platypus, wombats and echidna!  Whether you are visiting Australia and want to know more about the Aussie wildlife you can expect to see or are simply interested in […]

A review of our Whitehaven Beach Day Trip with Cruise Whitsundays

(This post about our Whitehaven Beach Day Trip was updated in March 2019)   Paradise. That one word sums up our Whitehaven Beach Day Trip with Cruise Whitsundays.  Consistently named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Whitehaven Beach with its pure white sand and stunning location is a must-visit destination for […]