10 best South African books to read before you visit

(This post about best South African books was updated in March 2019)     I have spent a number of years both living and working in South Africa (and Botswana) and love reading books about South Africa especially when I am a little homesick. I love reading about destinations before I go as it gives […]

Top safari tips – everything you need to know to prepare for an African safari

  Having spent over ten years living in South Africa and Botswana I have experienced many safaris (or game drives as we tend to call them in Africa) as a child and as an adult. It was one of the experiences I was looking forward to sharing with my 5 year old daughter on our […]

An African safari in Botswana – what it is really like!

(This post about an African safari in Botswana was updated in 2019)   If you are thinking of booking a safari in Africa why not consider Botswana? If you are looking for some inspiration before you book a trip to Africa this post will give you that in bucketloads as well as a taste of […]

Things to do in Cape Town South Africa – an insider guide

View of Cape Town and Table Mountain in South Africa

This post was updated in December 2018   I think Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is somewhere I always visit when I travel to South Africa.  One of South Africa’s 3 capital cities, Cape Town is overlooked by Table Mountain and sits close to the southwestern […]

10 fabulous reasons to visit South Africa


  There are so many reasons to visit South Africa. It is an amazing country with fabulous scenery, wonderful beaches, fantastic wildlife, delicious food and wines and so much more to offer the visitor. If you are considering a trip to the incredibly diverse and beautiful continent of Africa I would highly recommend South Africa […]

Cape Town to Cairo – A journey through Africa

Africa – the world’s second largest continent.  Think of Africa and deserts and mountains and jungles and wild animals spring to mind. It offers visitors such a diversity of sights and experiences – from the pyramids of Egypt to the plains of the Masai Mara, from the heights of Mt Kilimanjaro to the thunderous roar of […]