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A guide to visiting the Singapore National Orchid Garden

We have visited Singapore twice and each time we have included a visit to the Singapore National Orchid Garden. The gardens are part of the Botanical Gardens in Singapore and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was listed in 2015.

They are the only botanical gardens listed by UNESCO in the world.

The Orchid Garden was opened in October 1995. There are over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display and they are truly something to behold. It seemed that every orchid was my favourite until I saw the next! The orchid collection is the result of the breeding programme which was started in 1928.

Take a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the city take a stroll in the tranquillity of the gardens. As you walk in the cascading fountain with a backdrop of hundreds of orchids, palms and greenery are simply stunning.

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Singapore National Orchid garden

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🌺 What to see at the Singapore Orchid Gardens

Over 3 hectares of orchids set amongst wonderful gardens make up the Orchid Gardens. Make sure you have your camera at the ready – the orchids seem to come in every possible colour imaginable.

VIP orchids

There are over 200 VIP orchids to peruse on your walk through the gardens. Named after visiting dignitaries and other people of importance (not me, unfortunately). See if you can spot your favourite celebrity amongst the names!

Apparently, some of the orchids are one-of-a-kind too! We had a great time recognising all the names and deciding whether their orchid suited them!!

One VIP orchid on display included one named Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher. This was not my husband’s favourite!! See if you can find the orchid named after Nelson Mandela.

VIP ORCHID gardens in singapore

Planning your visit to the Singapore Orchid Gardens

How to get to the gardens

If you are planning to visit the Botanical Gardens and the Orchid Garden you could catch the MRT from your accommodation in Singapore to the Orchard MRT and then take a 10/15 walk to the Tanglin Gate entrance to the gardens.

If, however, you are visiting specifically for the orchids I would suggest getting a taxi to drop you off at the Nassim gate. Entering at any of the other gates leaves quite a hike to get to the orchid garden. The first time we visited we arrived via MRT but on our return visit we caught a taxi!

You can drive to the gardens and there are car parking facilities available at the Botany Centre, Visitor Centre, Bukit Timah Core, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and along Tyersall Avenue.

Singapore National Orchid Garden map

How much is the entrance fee for the gardens?

The entrance fee is $15 for adults and children under 12 are free.

What are the opening times?

The botanical gardens are open daily from 5 am to midnight but the orchid gardens are from 08.30 – 19.00 with the last entry at 18.00.

the orchid family

Are there guided tours available?

Yes! There are guided tours available for the orchid garden on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 9 am 10 am 11 am and 4 pm. Register for the tour at the Service Desk at the Nassim Entrance.

Are refreshments available at the gardens?

There are a couple of restaurants and cafes within easy walking distance of the orchid garden. There is also a little shop and restrooms when you purchase your tickets to enter the garden.

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