Caravans, cassowaries and crocs – an update of expat life in Australia

It has been 11 months since we moved here from the UK and therefore time for my monthly round-up about expat life in Australia. As it has been cooling slightly in SE Queensland with the arrival of winter we decided it was time to chase the warmth! (Overnight temperatures dipped to a cool 11 degrees before […]

6 common Australian myths debunked

“G’day Bruce, throw another shrimp on the barbie.” Think of Australia and some common myths about life “Down Under” will spring to mind. After living in Queensland after relocating from the UK I thought it was time to investigate some of the common Australian myths and discover which, if any, have any resemblance to the […]

Living in Australia as an Expat: Dreams vs Reality

| Living in Australia Dreams vs Reality featured by top international travel blog, Tracy's Travels in Time

Are you dreaming of far off shores. Somewhere that offers you a different, perhaps a perceived better, way of life? For so many people the dream of moving to a new country remains just that but for others every year that dream becomes a reality. I have lived in 7 countries over 51 years so […]

Living in Brisbane : Expat diary part 3

We have now spent 4 months living in Brisbane (and a total of nearly 8 in Australia). Although the weather was a little wet throughout February and March (it is the rainy season) we did manage a few trips. I have also spent some time in Northern Queensland for work which was really enjoyable. So […]

What you need to know about finding platypus in Eungella National Park

  There are so many amazing animals to see when you are in Australia and one of the strangest of them all is the platypus. They are also one of the most difficult of all Australian animals to see in their native habitat.  One of the best places to see platypus is at Broken River […]