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GTPP Episode 18 – Queensland Travel Tips: Beaches, Outback Adventures, and Hidden Gems

In episode 18 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, join us on a journey to Queensland, Australia, with special guest Melissa Delaware, the editor, owner, and face of the Queensland travel guide website.

Melissa shares her expert knowledge of Queensland and offers practical tips for anyone planning a trip to this iconic region. Together, Tracy and Melissa discuss the vastness of Queensland, ideal durations for visits, must-see destinations, and hidden gems.

Melissa’s insights on when to visit and how to get around provide invaluable guidance for first-time travellers. Join us as we uncover the wonders of Queensland and gain insider information for a memorable travel experience.

00:00 Minimum one week needed to explore Queensland.

05:34 Recommend Cairns for Great Barrier Reef experience.

08:26 Queensland offers scenic places for various interests.

12:24 Passionate about the outback, promoting it.

13:29 Queensland has many hidden gems outside cities.

17:11 Consider heat and humidity when planning Queensland trip.

20:00 Queensland is huge, transportation may be difficult.

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Guest Bio – Melissa Delaware

Melissa Delaware

Born and bred in Queensland, Melissa is the editor of The Queensland Travel Guide, where she shares her tips on travelling around the Sunshine State.

Melissa regularly travels all over the state, so she can create helpful and up-to-date content for anyone planning a trip to Queensland.