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GTPP Episode 19 – Explore the World with Mandy: Travel Tales and Adventures from Across the Globe

In episode 19 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, host Tracy Collins is joined by guest Mandy, a seasoned traveller and blogger, as they dive into a lively conversation about Mandy’s incredible global adventures. From swimming in the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls to encountering sharks on a cage dive in Cape Town, Mandy shares her exhilarating experiences across the world.

She also discusses her love for Paris, Italy, and the continent of Africa, highlighting her favourite travel destinations and the unique experiences they offer. As she prepares for her upcoming trip that includes destinations like Iceland, New York, and Croatia, Mandy’s passion for exploration and adventure shines through, offering listeners a dose of travel inspiration.

So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a virtual journey to fascinating locations around the globe with Mandy and Tracy.

00:00 Meeting through travel, podcast, connecting across continents.

03:36 Passionate traveler seeks adventure in unique places.

07:16 Asking for travel advice from experienced friend.

12:21 Trev and I trekked mountains, visited Masai Mara.

16:10 Trevor and I endured thrilling, cold waterfall swim.

18:30 Summit Kilimanjaro and navigate wild Drake Passage.

21:04 Diving, sharks, sea lions, danger, close call.

24:25 Safari camping trip, witnessing Perseid meteor shower.

27:10 Exciting travel plans, share experiences around world.

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Guest Bio – Mandy Watson


Mandy Watson is a recently retired avid traveller who, along with her husband for over 31 years, has stepped foot on all seven continents and will have explored 67 countries by the end of 2024.

She loves to inspire others to ‘have a go’, to perhaps even step outside their comfort levels, and ‘Just say yes!’

Having scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro for her 40th and Machu Picchu for her 50th, she has Everest Base Camp now in sight for her 60th, but she might do it even earlier. “Why wait?”

She enjoys her time home in Australia on her 5-acre property with Trev and her other ‘love’—her Arabian horses. With four kids now grown and four grandchildren, her favourite ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ slogan is actually tattooed on her inner forearm, just to continually remind her that you just don’t know what’s around the corner.

Live passionately, with loads of humour, and leave no regrets behind.