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GTPP Episode 20 – An Introduction to Margaret River with Kerry Heaney

In episode 20 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, host Tracy Collins is joined by Kerry Heaney, a travel writer and blogger, as they delve into the wonders of Margaret River in Western Australia.

Kerry shares her recent experiences and recommendations, providing an insightful guide to exploring this beautiful region beyond its renowned wineries. From pristine beaches to captivating cave tours, chocolate tastings, and indigenous experiences, Kerry offers a multifaceted perspective on Margaret River’s attractions.

Whether you’re a traveller with a taste for adventure, a food and wine enthusiast, or someone seeking a serene escape, you’re sure to find inspiration in this engaging discussion. So, join Tracy and Kerry as they take you on a virtual journey to the fascinating landscapes and experiences of Margaret River.

Introduction to Margaret River

  • Location and travel time from Queensland
  • Importance of hiring a car for travelling to Margaret River
  • Flying into Perth and driving to Margaret River
  • Highlights of Margaret River region

Accommodation and Dining in Margaret River

Winery Experiences

Recreational Activities

Planning and Time Allocation

  • Suggested duration for a visit to Margaret River
  • Tips for exploring beyond wineries and diverse experiences
  • Balancing activities and leisure time

Social Media and Additional Information

  • Listing of social media platforms for further content and visuals on Margaret River
  • Tips for further research and planning

Timestamped Overview

  • 00:00 Always great to get together, upcoming trip.
  • 05:27 New Jetstar flight from Sydney to Busselton.
  • 07:40 Unexpectedly stumbled upon a charming private wine tasting.
  • 11:55 Lovely stay with pool, beach, and dining.
  • 14:09 Action-packed trip to Busselton Jetty’s observatory.
  • 17:02 Indigenous experience enriched summer memories.
  • 21:34 Visited South Can for a unique accommodation experience.
  • 23:07 Show notes include links to mentioned places.
  • 25:37 Global Travel Planning podcast, feedback welcome, happy planning.

Links to relevant articles and podcasts

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Guest Bio – Meet Kerry: The Globetrotting Gourmet

Kerry Heaney

Hey there! I’m Kerry, and I’ve been on a delectable journey around the globe for the past two decades as a seasoned travel writer and digital producer. I’m proudly Australian, with sunny Brisbane as my home base.

With Queensland coursing through my veins, I’ve ventured from the lush tropics to the rugged outback, savouring every morsel and moment along the way. Whether it’s sinking my teeth into freshly caught seafood by the coast or discovering hidden culinary gems in the heart of the hinterland, I’ve made it my mission to taste the essence of every destination I encounter.

When I’m not penning down my latest gastronomic adventures, you’ll likely find me basking on a sun-kissed beach, cocktail in hand, or mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of a country sunset. Life’s too short not to indulge in its flavour-filled offerings, don’t you think?

If you’re craving a taste of travel inspiration or seeking the inside scoop on where to find the best bites, join me over at, where I dish out delicious stories and tantalizing tips. Find me @eatdrinkandbekerry for your daily dose of wanderlust and culinary delights.