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GTPP Episode 21 Waterfalls, wineries and walks – A journey through Niagara with John Johnston

In episode 21 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy Collins chats with guest John Johnston, an avid traveller and founder of Inspired by the movie “The Bucket List,” John shares his insights into exploring the Niagara Falls region in southern Ontario.

Niagara Falls, a popular tourist destination, has transformed from a hydro-generating area into a hub of attractions. John highlights various activities like walking behind the falls, riding an incline railway and a cable car over whirlpools, and even zip lining. Tracy and John discuss Clifton Hill, an entertainment area brimming with bars, fun houses, and amusement parks suitable for all ages.

For convenience, adventure passes are available, offering access to multiple attractions along with a tourist bus for easy transportation. John suggests spending one day each in Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake, a nearby vineyard-rich area known for its historical forts and Welland Canal viewing platforms. Winery tours come highly recommended, often included in scenic drives between Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The episode also covers practical aspects like transportation options—flights to Toronto or Buffalo, driving, shuttles, and rail transit—and discusses various accommodation options, from luxurious hotels to casinos with attached lodgings. While summer and fall are peak tourist seasons, John advises visiting in winter for attractions like frozen falls and the Festival of Lights.

Tune in to hear John’s memorable experiences, valuable tips, and a suggested three to four-day itinerary, ensuring you make the most out of your Niagara Falls adventure. Don’t forget to visit for more travel ideas and leave a review of the podcast!

00:00 Started inspired by movie, travel list.

06:28 Toronto to Niagara Falls: A travel experience.

09:48 Fly into Toronto or Buffalo for convenience.

11:58 Memorable trip to Niagara Falls and surrounding areas.

14:51 Busy summer months, best times are spring/fall.

19:34 Wear slicker, use incline railway, visit rapids.

23:38 Options for visiting Niagara region and its history.

25:40 Welland Canal: a scenic and historic route.

28:41 Welland Canal museum, freighters, engineering marvel, Niagara Falls.

32:00 Podcast host asks for top tip for Niagara.

34:05 Global travel podcast episode: review, details, thanks.

Guest Bio – John Johnston

John Johnston

John Johnston is a passionate traveller and the founder of, a travel website inspired by the movie “The Bucket List.”

With a mission to explore the world’s most unique destinations, John has visited 48 countries, often embracing solo travel. He enjoys staying in hostels and budget travel and has a wide network of friends across the globe.

His website features a curated list of 200 destinations catering to adventure budget travellers.