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GTPP Episode 22 – A Journey to Central China: Unique Gastronomy, Stunning Landscapes, and Cultural Delights

In episode 22 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, join Tracy as she chats with Kerry Heaney, a travel writer from Brisbane, Australia.

Discover Kerry’s exciting experiences from her recent trip to Central China with Wendy Wu Tours. Learn about her adventures, including tasting raw giant salamander, exploring a 72-story building complex, and witnessing spectacular shows.

Kerry also dives into the wonders of the Avatar Mountains, river cruises, and the world’s longest cable car ride. Gain practical tips for travelling in Central China, insights into top attractions, and advice on navigating unique culinary and cultural experiences.

00:00 Tracy Collins hosts Global Travel Planning Podcast.

06:00 Kerry shares highlights of a trip to China.

07:48 Nostalgic visit to old dining areas.

11:16 Bullet train travels at 120 km/h. Explores Sangji.

16:04 Explore unusual foods and stilted buildings in China.

18:13 Unusual and vibrant Chinese-themed fire show.

21:06 Exploring China’s breathtaking tallest outdoor elevator.

24:02 Unusual lake customs and golf tee surprise.

29:04 Warm welcome, singing, 99 bends, gift shops.

33:03 Outdoor theatre production with mythical love story.

36:59 China trip: Glass bridge, friendly locals, unique experiences.

37:51 Zipline, stairs, need to be physically fit.

41:47 Organized trials provide confidence in unfamiliar places.

45:51 Links to photos, YouTube, Instagram, articles, and tours.

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Guest Bio – Meet Kerry

Kerry Heaney

Hey there! I’m Kerry, and I’ve been on a delectable journey around the globe for the past two decades as a seasoned travel writer and digital producer. I’m proudly Australian, with sunny Brisbane as my home base.

With Queensland coursing through my veins, I’ve ventured from the lush tropics to the rugged outback, savouring every morsel and moment along the way. Whether it’s sinking my teeth into freshly caught seafood by the coast or discovering hidden culinary gems in the heart of the hinterland, I’ve made it my mission to taste the essence of every destination I encounter.

When I’m not penning down my latest gastronomic adventures, you’ll likely find me basking on a sun-kissed beach, cocktail in hand, or mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of a country sunset. Life’s too short not to indulge in its flavour-filled offerings, don’t you think?

If you’re craving a taste of travel inspiration or seeking the inside scoop on where to find the best bites, join me over at, where I dish out delicious stories and tantalizing tips. Find me @eatdrinkandbekerry for your daily dose of wanderlust and culinary delights.