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GTPP Episode 17 – Google Maps Travel Hacks with Michelle Chang

In episode 17 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy Collins chats with guest Michelle Chang from the Intentional Travelers website.

Michelle shares her wealth of knowledge on how to make full use of Google Maps for trip planning and navigation. From finding lesser-known places to using search filters, street views, and reviews, Michelle’s expertise in utilising Google Maps will revolutionise how you plan and execute your travels. Join Tracy and Michelle as they explore the functionalities and features of Google Maps.

Get a sneak peek into Michelle’s course, Google Maps Travel Hacks, designed to help you become a savvy and confident traveller.

Don’t miss out on this insightful and practical episode for all wanderlusts and travel enthusiasts.

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00:00 Michelle shares travel experiences and strategies learned.

05:05 Google Maps provides confidence in navigating unfamiliar places.

06:49 Google Maps essential for trip planning, navigation.

10:23 Use Google Maps for neighbourhood, walking routes, transit.

14:25 Save money travelling long term, stay flexible.

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Guest Bio –

Michelle Chang

Michelle is a digital nomad who loves planning trips and equips others to pursue life-changing experiences around the world through her resources on 

After starting traditional careers, Michelle and her husband joined the U.S. Peace Corps and did their volunteer service in rural Jamaica for 27 months, which eventually led them to work online in order to continue living abroad and learning about new cultures. 
Now they live abroad roughly half the year and base themselves in Oregon during the summers. 

Michelle’s online tutorials and courses help travelers leverage their smartphones and online tools to make the most of their time and budget on trips, with less stress and overwhelm.