A complete Isle of Skye Itinerary for 1 day (Scotland)

view of the isle of skye

Visiting Scotland is high on many travellers itineraries and bucket lists. As someone with Scottish ancestry on both sides of my family I am always happy to explore and discover more of this beautiful country. Although we have traveled extensively throughout Scotland by train I have yet to visit the Isle of Skye though I […]

4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Northern England to visit

Are you planning to visit some of the 31 designated UK UNESCO World Heritage Sites? 5 of the 31 UK sites are in UK overseas territories (Bermuda for example) but 26 are on the UK mainland or close to it. There are 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Northern England and Southern Scotland covered in […]

5 reasons you will love visiting the Kelpies in Scotland

Visiting the Kelpies in Scotland had been on my bucket list for a while before I eventually managed to make the trip to see them. After seeing a picture of the stunning sculptures on TV I knew they were a must-see when I was next in the area. If you are planning a trip to Scotland […]