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A complete Isle of Skye Itinerary for 1 day (Scotland)

A complete Isle of Skye Itinerary for 1 day (Scotland)

Visiting Scotland is high on many travellers itineraries and bucket lists. With so many beautiful islands to explore during your visit what makes the Isle of Skye and absolute must-visit in any Scottish itinerary?

To help plan your visit I have asked Gemma, a Scottish travel blogger from Highlands 2 Hammocks to write a guest post about the best Isle Skye itinerary for one day.

Whether you intend to visit Skye as part of a Scottish road trip, take a tour or are considering travelling Scotland by train and hopping over to Skye by ferry this post will provide lots of inspiration and practical tips to help you make the most of your visit.

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An introduction to the Isle of Skye

Dramatic, jagged mountains, crystal clear beaches waters and quaint, fishing towns, the Isle of Skye is straight out of a fairytale. With so much to see and do on this island, you could spend weeks exploring the beautiful countryside of Skye. For those wishing to explore the best sights on a day trip, this is your ultimate one day itinerary to the Isle of Skye.

Sitting on the west coast of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is a hugely popular destination for Scottish locals and foreign tourists alike. More than 500,000 people  flock to the island every single year to explore its hugely diverse landscape. Although the mountains of Skye look like the countryside of New Zealand or the Alps, there are lots of enjoyable walks for even the most novice of visitors.

This one day itinerary for the Isle of Skye will take you to the most beautiful parts of the island, showing you natural beauty, cute towns and stunning landscapes. Below is a brief summary of the day ahead, all of which will be discussed in greater detail in this article.


  • Experience the magic of the Fairy Pools


  • Wander the quaint, seaside town of Portree
  • Enjoy Lunch at the Granary

Early Evening

  • Take in the spectacular views of the Old Man of Storr
Isle of skye landscape

One Day Isle of Skye Itinerary

 The Fairy Pools of Skye

It’s time to start your Skye adventure, and what better way is there to do so than by chasing pixies at the Fairy Pools. This beautiful collection of waterfalls and plunge pools sit at the foothills of the Cuillin Mountains, a short walk from the nearby car park. Plucked straight out of a fantasy fiction novel, the crystal-clear water from the mountains flows between a collection of pools of various shapes and sizes.

Pack your swim gear (if you dare to face the bitter cold) and make your way along the 30 minute walk from the car park to the pools. There are plenty of places to stop and admire the natural beauty around you as you follow the path to the Fairy Pools. The first waterfall sits around 2km along this path, which is quickly followed by the rest of the collection of waterfalls. 

Swimming is allowed in these pools, however the water rarely rises to a comfortable temperature so a wetsuit might be advisable if you want to refresh yourself for the day ahead.

Fairy Pools skye

The Seaside Town of Portree

The largest town on the island, Portree is a popular stop off point for visitors to the island. Built into the natural harbour of the eastern shore, the high cliffs that surround the dock provide beautiful views out over the bay. The seaside feel and the old-fashioned buildings give Portree a cute and homely feel to it.

If you walk up the hill to the south end of the village, you will find a vantage point named “The Lump”. This high point offers spectacular views of the surrounding bay and town behind you.

the town of Portree

Lunch at the Granary

Once you have explored the quaint streets of Portree, it is time to fuel up before the afternoon’s adventures. The cute cafe named “the Granary” is located in the centre of Portree and is the perfect spot to heat up and enjoy the delicious food Skye has to offer.

Choose from a huge selection of freshly caught seafood that Scotland does so well, or simply have a lighter bite to eat with a homemade cake and coffee.

The Old Man of Storr

Fabled resting place of the Giant of Trottenish Ridge, the Old Man of Storr is said to be the burial ground. Sticking up from the earth, the Old Man pinnacle is rumoured to be thumb of the giant, the only part of the body remaining above the ground. This is just one of many folklore and tales as to the origin of the incredible stacks of Storr. 

The basalt columns sitting 2300ft above sea level are another hugely popular sight on the Isle of Skye. Located just 6miles from Portree, the hike to get to the viewing platform for the Old Man of Storr will take you roughly 1hr and 15mins. It is a pretty steep climb, so be sure to pack your hiking shoes and a camera, as the view is definitely worth it. 

At the top, you will reach a plateau that sits high above the surrounding landscape. Views across the sea to the mainland, highlighting the jagged, rough and rugged landscape that the west coast of Scotland is famous for. The 50m tall stacks in front of you are the main feature, named the “Old Man” due to the apparent resemblance of the outline to an old man. 

Soak up the views from this platform and reflect on the natural beauty that this incredible island has shown today. Although the trip has come to an end, you will definitely be coming back for more some day.

the old man of storr

Planning your visit to Skye

How to get to the Isle of Skye

You will need a car to travel to (and around) the Isle of Skye. The only alternative would be to book an organised tour if you prefer not to drive. 

The Isle of Skye is connected to Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland of Scotland by the Skye bridge, via the island of Eilean Ban. Located at the southern end of the island, this bridge is free to use and is by far the easiest way to get onto the island.

If you are heading to the Isle of Skye from Scotland’s largest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the drive to the island will take you around 5-5½ hours. It makes sense to stay overnight on the island in either one of the many B&Bs or hotels, or at one of the camping sites around the island. 

If you are planning to stay more than one day it is essential to book accommodation in advance as the island is very busy during the summer months. 

Click here to find all the best deals for accommodation on the Isle of Skye.

Highland cow

What to pack for the Isle of Skye

When it comes to weather in Scotland, there is no such thing as being too prepared. It is not uncommon to experience snow, hail, rain, wind and sunshine all within the hour in Scotland, especially when you venture to the rugged north. 

We recommend packing warm layers of clothes, easy to remove and easy to layer up in case the temperature changes whilst you are out. A good waterproof is perhaps the most important item to pack, as are a good pair of walking shoes. If you are going in the winter, full winter gear will be required, such as a hat, gloves, scarves and plenty of warm layers.

If you are going to hike around the mountains of Skye, we cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared for the worst. Due to the rapid change in weather conditions in Scotland, it is very common for hikers to head to the hills unprepared and unfamiliar with the landscape, and soon after need rescued from these conditions. 

Pack a compass, map and head torch and make sure you know how to use all of them.

view of the green hills on the isle of skye

Map showing the best places to visit in the Isle of Skye in one day

Best tours to the Isle of Skye

I am sure you will now have some great ideas and inspiration for your Isle of Skye Itinerary.

If you prefer to take an organised tour to the island I recommend booking with Get Your Guide. This is my tour company of choice and they offer a wide variety of tours and activities around the world. Unfortunately Skye is too far for a day trip from Edinburgh but can be included in a Muti day tour.

These are my top choices from Get Your Guide 

Best day trips to of the Isle of Skye

Best two day tour of the Isle of Skye

Best three days tours to the Isle of Skye

Best five day tours to the Isle of Skye

Enjoy your trip to the Isle of Skye

So there you have it, your full one day itinerary to the Isle of Skye. The magical and awe-inspiring landscape of the west coast of Scotland will leave you excited to explore even more of this bonnie land. 

The fascinating folklore and legends that surround this part of the world will leave the hairs on your neck tingling, excited for more. What are the best tales you have heard about beautiful Scotland? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks to Gemma for this article. You can read more about Gemma in the author box below.

Skye is just one of the many fantastic places to visit in Scotland. For more Scottish travel inspiration you can read my top 19 places to visit or for the UK my Ultimate Bucket List with 100 must see destinations to include in your itinerary.

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