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Ultimate Guide to visiting the Kelpies in Falkirk Scotland (top tips)

Ultimate Guide to visiting the Kelpies in Falkirk Scotland (top tips)

Are you planning a visit to see the Kelpies in Falkirk Scotland? These huge horse head sculptures are a must-see on any road trip around Scotland (and an easy day trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow)

If you are planning a trip to Scotland I would highly recommend adding a visit to the Kelpies in Falkirk to your Scottish itinerary. As I mentioned they are an easy trip by train from either Edinburgh or Glasgow so make a worthwhile day trip from either Scottish city (you will find more information about how to get to the Kelpies later in this article)

In this article you can find out all about the Kelpies – what they are, who designed them, where they are, as well as practical information to help you plan your visit!


What exactly are Kelpies?

According to Scottish legends they are shape-shifting water spirits who inhabit the lochs and waterways of Scotland and appear most often as a horse (though they can appear in human form too)

The Kelpies also pay tribute to the working horses of Central Scotland and they are for me the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen.

Who designed the Kelpies?

They were designed by Andy Scott and completed in October 2013.

How tall are the Kelpies? And how much do they weigh?

The statues are over 30 metres tall and weigh over 600 tonnes.

Do the Kelpies have names?

Yes the sculptures were modelled on two working Clydesdale horses Duke and Barron.

Are there any guided tours available?

There is a guided tour available which costs (as quoted on the brochure June 2019) £7.50 for adults and free for children.

The tour lasts 45 minutes. During the tour you are able to experience the sculptures from the inside!

Kelpies in Falkirk Scotland


Where exactly are the Kelpies located?

The Kelpies are located off the M9 in Falkirk – 19 miles from Edinburgh and 35 miles from Glasgow.

The Kelpies are found in the Helix Park. This is a land transformation project aimed at improving connections between and around 16 communities in Falkirk.

Also in the area is the Falkirk wheel which is a rotating boat lift which opened in 2002. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

Falkirk Wheel

How do I get to the Kelpies?

By train to Falkirk (then bus or walk to Helix Park)

We travelled by train to Falkirk from Edinburgh and alighted the train at Falkirk High. There is a bus which runs from the train station to Helix Park.

On the day we arrived there were roadworks underway and the bus was cancelled. We decided to walk as it was a beautiful day when we arrived in Falkirk. 

If you do decide to walk it is a fairly long walk so make sure you have a map. The walk took us over an hour and we seriously thought we were never going to find them!

As we didn’t want the hike back to the station we ordered a taxi which cost £8 even though we were quoted £5.50. Staff at the visitor centre called and organised the taxi for us (the staff were all lovely and really helpful.)

If you are still in the planning stage here are some ideas to help you put together a 7 day itinerary for Scotland.

By car

If you decide to visit The Kelpies by car you will find ample parking. Parking is not free however and costs £2 per car and £1 for motorbikes.

Falkirk Wheel

Is there a Visitor Centre at Helix Park?

Yes there is a Visitor Centre near the Kelpies. You will find a gift shop and a restaurant on site so you can pick up souvenirs or have a cuppa.

What accommodation options are there near the Kelpies?

The Kelpies look spectacular at night when they are lit up so why not book accommodation nearby so you can relax and enjoy your visit? You will find lots of ideas in my Scotland Accommodation Guide.


If you are planning to explore more of Scotland you will find lots of inspiration in my article about my favourite 19 places to visit.

I also have a detailed planning guide for Scotland which includes links to informative posts to help you with this process.

If you need some inspiration for your Scottish itinerary this weekend guide to Edinburgh is a great starting point. If you love castles there are so many to see in Scotland to add you your itinerary. Check out this selection of the 15 best castles in Scotland to visit. 

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