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GTPP Episode 9 Trip Report: Snapshots from Asia

In this special episode, episode 9 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy and Doug Collins share an exciting trip report, detailing their recent 7-week adventure across Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Join Tracy and Doug as they reminisce on their favourite experiences, unforgettable places, and delicious foods they encountered on their journey.

Get ready to be inspired and get valuable insights for planning your own global adventure!

Trip Overview

– Discuss recent trip to multiple destinations around the globe

– Mention the plan to cover each destination in more detail in future episodes

Favorite Experiences

– Shinkansen (bullet train) experience in Japan

– Stay in a traditional Japanese inn (Yudanaka Ryokan)

– Trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Meeting locals through Like Local experiences in Vietnam and Cambodia

– Overnight train trip on the Laman Express in Vietnam

Favorite Places

– Snow monkeys in Japan

– Visiting the DMZ (demilitarized zone) for South and North Korea

– Exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia

– Day trip to Mount Fuji in Japan

Favorite Foods

– Enjoyment of the local food, including snake fish broth in Cambodia and egg sandwiches in Japan

– Appreciation for the large and delicious apples in Japan

Favorite Hotels

– The Yudanaka Ryokan in Japan

Vanda Hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam

Chatrium Riverside Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Plantation Urban Resort and Spa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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