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GTPP Episode 10 To Cruise or Not to Cruise: Insights from Mediterranean Adventures

In episode 10 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, host Tracy Collins and guest Kylie Mitchell Smith discuss the age-old question “To cruise or not to cruise?”

Kylie shares her experiences from her recent Mediterranean cruises with Azamara, shedding light on the pros and cons of cruising. From exploring bespoke itineraries and enjoying sustainable dining experiences to encountering unexpected delights and challenges on shore, Kylie offers valuable insights for both seasoned cruisers and those contemplating their first cruise.

Join Tracy and Kylie as they delve into the nuances of cruising, destination immersion, and the unique experiences to be had while sailing the high seas. So hop aboard for an informative and engaging discussion on the Global Travel Planning podcast.

Introduction and Background

– Introduction of Tracy Collins as the host of the Global Travel Planning podcast

– Introduction of Kylie Mitchell Smith as the guest

– Background on Kylie’s involvement in travel journalism, podcasting, and media relations for destinations

– Mention of how Tracy and Kylie connected at the Australian Society of Travel Writers’ Dinner

Initial Thoughts on Cruising

– Tracy’s initial reluctance towards cruising

– Kylie’s initial scepticism about cruising

– Discussion on preconceived notions about cruise travel

Choosing a Cruise Line

– Discussion on choosing the right cruise line and the factors to consider

– Emphasis on the unique experience offered by Azamara with its smaller ship and specialized itineraries

Cruise Experience

– Description of the cruise experience, including the accommodations, bespoke itineraries, and destination immersion

– The emphasis on sustainability and the use of local produce and resources on the cruise

– Discussion on the influence of the demographic and amenities on the cruise experience

Destinations Visited

– Highlight of the Mediterranean cruise and the ports of call in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece

– Kylie’s perspective on the energizing and explorative nature of cruising

– Different perspectives on the impact of cruise ships on destinations, considering crowding and sustainability

Reflection and Future Considerations

– Reflection on the impact and storytelling opportunities presented by cruising

– Addressing the responsibility of cruise ships in education and sustainability

– Anticipation of future cruise experiences and potential changes in perceptions

Concluding Remarks and Future Plans

– Closure of the podcast episode with final thoughts and gratitude

– Mention of future plans to explore cruising and potential future podcast discussions on the topic

– Recap and conclusion of the podcast episode

Links to relevant articles and podcasts

Guest Bio – Kylie Mitchell-Smith


Kylie’s experience spans over 25 years in travel media, broadcasting and creative storytelling.

Published in Womens Day, Urbanlist, Captured Travel, Daily Telegraph, Seniors Today & Travel Today.

Currently- feature writer for Seniors Today Newspaper & Travel Today lift-out.

Digital content creator at

Destination blogs for Tourism Queensland, Destination Gold Coast and Destination Tweed.

Kylie’s weekly podcast @travellingsenorita launched in 2018 and was inspired by her background in radio from Gold FM to ABC Coast FM-her natural interview style digs deeper on the story, followed by an international audience with over 20,000 downloads.

Kylie wanders the globe, to immerse in other cultures, her tales are laden with food, art & nature-authentic storytelling to connect people to place.