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GTPP Episode 23 – Solo Travel Adventures in Puglia & Beyond

In episode 23 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy chats with Shelly from The Food Scholar about her solo travel adventures and culinary experiences around the world.

Join us as we dive into Shelly’s journeys, from exploring local markets in Italy to cycling through Southeast Asia, and discover practical tips for solo travellers and the enriching experiences of connecting with cultures through food.

00:00 Foods, cultures, and family influence food scholar.

03:55 The power of smell and memories.

07:19 Travel during COVID; deciding whether US or Korea.

11:16 Reflecting on stress, uncertainty, and career redirection

14:39 Grateful for Thai people’s kindness during emergency.

16:46 Solo travel presents challenges with accessibility and support.

21:21 Planning only around attending 1-2 conferences.

26:13 Funny tourist experiences in non-touristy area.

29:35 G7 held in Puglia, Italian president’s gem.

32:44 Hilarious lunch with a friend, unexpected fusion dish.

36:34 Savoring travel experiences and tips for solo female travellers.

38:31 Stay vigilant when travelling as a solo female.

42:30 Being independent, using safety strategies while travelling.

45:30 Visa restrictions create hardships for many people.

47:43 Embracing diverse cultures through travel and experiences.

52:45 Confident solo travel means being comfortable with yourself.

53:40 Grateful appreciation for people of Puglia.

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Guest Bio – Shelly “The Food Scholar”

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Shelly (on the left)

Shelly is a passionate solo traveller and food enthusiast with a multicultural background.

Growing up in the United States, she developed a love for exploring diverse food traditions, which inspired her to create her website, The Food Scholar.

Shelly has been travelling full-time solo for over three years, seeking authentic experiences through food and local interactions.

Shelly’s travels have taken her to stunning locales like Puglia, Italy, and she’s always open to new adventures.