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GTPP Episode 14 – Visiting Japan: Top Tips for First-Time Travellers

In episode 14 of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy brings you invaluable tips for first-time visitors to Japan. Based on her three-week trip to Japan and notes from her travels, Tracy shares practical advice on navigating airports, transportation, accommodations, food, etiquette, and more.

From the importance of learning some Japanese phrases to the convenience of using the SUICA card for transportation, Tracy covers a range of essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for anyone planning a trip to Japan.

Whether it’s guidance on using the trains, making the most of convenience stores, or understanding local customs, this episode is packed with insights to assist you in your global travel planning.

Preparation for Arrival in Japan

  • Filling out the online form for QR code before arrival
  • Learning basic Japanese words
  • Planning your itinerary to ensure you arrive early at popular sites and carry cash for entry fees
  • Bringing own bags for shopping and packing them
  • Etiquette for boarding trains and using ticket offices

Transportation Tips

  • Boarding trains with proper etiquette
  • Navigating train stations and finding the correct platforms
  • Utilizing train station restaurants and shops
  • Booking airport transfers for stress-free navigation
  • Using convenience stores for quick and easy snacks and meals

Practical Tips for Travelling in Japan

  • Taking your own washcloths or wipes to public restrooms
  • Using Apple Pay and having some cash on hand
  • Travelling light and using lockable suitcases
  • Utilizing luggage transfer services for convenience
  • Taking advantage of SUICA card for transportation and transactions

Cultural and Etiquette Tips

  • Following local customs such as not jaywalking, being quiet on trains, and not tipping
  • Observing organized systems for crossing roads and taking off shoes indoors
  • Being respectful and mindful of Japanese cultural norms

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Checking prescribed medication and banned medications list
  • Having travel insurance and correct adapters for electronics
  • Using Google Maps and Google Translate apps for navigation and communication
  • Exploring local produce and varying meal options
  • Researching food options for those with specific dietary preferences

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