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GTPP Episode 1 – The Thoughtful Traveller’s Guide with Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is a podcaster (The Thoughtful Travel Podcast), travel blogger ( and writer known for her thoughtful approach to travel.

In the episode of the Global Travel Planning Podcast, I chat with Amanda about her Thoughtful Travel Framework and what we can all do to become better travellers by adopting a more mindful, thoughtful approach.

  • In this episode, Amanda shares her Thoughtful Travel Framework and tips on how we can be better travellers at the before, during and after stages of our travel.
  • By following the tips Amanda shares in this episode and adopting a thoughtful approach to travel, you can not only enrich your own travel experiences but also contribute to the well-being of the places and communities you visit.
  • Amanda’s perspective emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, respect, and responsible choices when exploring the world.
  • [00:00:06] Welcome to the Global Travel Planning Podcast, hosted by Tracy Collins, where expert guests provide travel tips and ideas. In episode 1, Tracey interviews Amanda Kendle about becoming a more thoughtful traveller.
  • [00:04:12] Prepare by immersing yourself in culture beforehand.
  • [00:07:20] Traveling promotes personal growth and problem-solving.
  • [00:13:21] Tips for ethical and sustainable travel summarized.
  • [00:14:13] Being curious, talking to people, and planning.
  • [00:20:22] Adjusting to new cultures and travel experiences.
  • [00:23:50] Reflecting and discussing travel experiences with companions.
  • [00:27:14] Ethics and supporting local communities when travelling.
  • [00:29:26] Social enterprise bicycle hire business benefits Mozambique.
  • [00:32:17] Print photos, journal, podcast.
  • [00:34:38] Sustainability: no carbon offsets, calculate carbon footprint.
  • [00:37:59] Start by being aware and thinking differently.

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Guest bio – Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is obsessed with sharing her love for travel: she has published the travel blog since 2005, and began The Thoughtful Travel Podcast in 2016.

The podcast is approaching a million downloads and has been featured in The Washington Post and Travel+Leisure, and the podcast’s Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group has a growing community of travellers with a great appetite for content on thoughtful travel.

She was recently elected Vice President of the board of the RISE Travel Institute.