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Themed British puzzles, games & coloring books for adults

If you (like me) absolutely love jigsaws and puzzles you will the best British-themed puzzles on the market at the moment including jigsaws, games, Legos, quizzes, and coloring books all with a British theme.

These are perfect gift ideas for Anglophiles or for indeed anyone who enjoys travel-themed puzzles, games and quizzes!

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Themed British puzzles, games & coloring books for adults

Jigsaw Puzzles


Lego Kits

Coloring Books

Quiz books

Enjoy all these themed British puzzles, quizzes, and games

I am sure if you love puzzles/quizzes etc you will have found something that appeals in my selection.

I also have a great gift guide for Anglophiles with lots of British themed gifts so pop over and take a look!

If you enjoy completing jigsaws online I have made a great selection from my own photographs which you can try here.

If you enjoy reading my selection of the best books to read before you visit England or Scotland are also great places to find gifts for yourself or others.

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