Queensland Trivia Quiz! How Much Do you Know about Australia’s Sunshine State?

| Queensland Trivia Quiz featured by top Australia blogger, Tracy's Travels in Time

Only 10 questions in this Queensland trivia! How many can you get right?   The correct answers are  False. It is the second largest and third most populated state. 1770 – Built on the site of the second landing in Australia by James Cook in May 1770. Debbie! Lamington – named after the Governor of […]

Australian animals quiz – do you know your quokka from your quoll?

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS?  Take the Australian animals quiz and see how much you know about the wildlife native to Aussie shores! Everyone has heard of koala and kangaroos but what do you know about quolls, quokkas and pademelons?      CLICK THIS LINK  → Send a message to key NSW politicians now to […]

My bonza Australian General Knowledge Quiz Part 1

Australian general knowledge quiz

How much do you know about Australia?? Try my bonza Australian General Knowledge Quiz Part 1 and find out!     FURTHER INFORMATION FOR VISITING AUSTRALIA I have lots of information on my blog about travel in Australia so do check out some of these posts. There is sure to be something to help you […]