Ultimate guide to things to do in Prague in winter

(This post about visiting Prague in winter was updated in September 2019)   Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and whilst it is lovely to visit in summer it becomes a fairytale destination during the winter months.    If you are wondering what to do in Prague in winter (or even […]

Top 20 Beautiful Places in Europe to Visit – Part 2

Top 20 Beautiful Places in Europe to Visit featured by top international travel blogger, Tracy's Travels in Time: Prague in winter

After living in, and working in, Europe on and off for over 35 years I am always asked what are my favourite destinations. Choosing just 20 amazing and beautiful places in Europe to visit was really difficult and I can’t imagine how I would choose if I was visiting Europe for the first time! Perhaps a […]

A time traveller’s tale

Marketa watched through the window as snowflakes swirled around the approaching couple. As they pushed open the old wooden door the duo were met with the stares of twenty pairs of unblinking eyes, each seemingly imploring them to enter quickly and shut out the icy breeze which was their uninvited companion. They waved their tickets […]

A review of the Grandior Hotel Prague

The location of the Grandior Hotel Prague We stayed at the Grandior Hotel in Prague for 3 nights in winter.The hotel is located in the Nove Mestro (New Town) area of Prague. We arrived at the central station, bought underground tickets, hopped onto Red line C and got off at Florenc station. It is about […]

All you need to know about traveling by train London-Berlin-Prague

When it comes to organising any holiday there are a number of planning stages we all go through. It is no different, though perhaps a little more complex, when that involves a multi-centred holiday and the means of transportation is by train. I love travelling by train for lots of reasons – its easier, a […]