What to wear on safari in South Africa – a complete packing guide.

African safari

  If you are heading off to South Africa and have a few safaris included in your itinerary you may be wondering what to pack to take with you. I spent many years living in South Africa and Botswana and took numerous game drives/safaris so I have a good idea of what to wear on […]

The Ultimate packing checklist & tips to travel through Europe in Winter

The Ultimate packing checklist & tips to travel through Europe in Winter featured by top international travel blogger, Tracy's Travels in Time

This post was updated in December 2018 Are you looking for some ideas of what to pack to travel around Europe in winter? This packing list and tips to travel through Europe in winter will give you some clues as to what you may need – it can be extremely cold! Snow, ice, freezing Arctic […]

Top 16 recommended travel accessories for South East Asia

packing for south east asia

  I had a list of what we thought might be essential items when packing for South East Asia but I also found some fantastic products which I had not heard when I began researching our trip. Some of these are really useful and I added them to my packing list! I have used all of […]

8 reasons why you can’t go wrong with a sarong!

There is one item which I would never leave off my packing list when heading on holiday and that is my SARONG! In our house the saying goes “You can’t go wrong with a sarong!” So what is so amazing about a sarong you ask? It is multi-functional and is for me the most useful […]