My Travel Inspiration

My Travel Inspiration


It has to be about the two men who, in my childhood, influenced me more than anyone else. They ignited my passion for travelling and a desire to see new places.


My first travel inspiration – and first major influence on me –  was GERALD DURRELL. I think I discovered his books when I was about 10. I can still remember reading his books (and avidly collecting them) and imagining that it was me exploring the world. He had a massive influence on me and I am embarrassed to say I have yet to visit the wildlife trust he founded in Jersey (now Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust). Not only was he a pioneer (he realised that a captive breeding programme was going to be essential to save endangered species from extinction)but he was a brilliant author. His tales of his travels to Africa and South America brought magic to my life.
 I was living in the North-East of England – not the most exotic of places some might say! We sort of met at Gatwick airport in the mid-80’s…..I think I stood in shock when I realised the man rushing past me to catch a plane to Jersey was my childhood hero and I didn’t say a thing! Now in my head I rugby tackled him to the ground and told him how amazing he was!


The second influence/travel inspiration on me was MICHAEL PALIN (I imagine this may be quite common amongst people of a certain age) His series ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was my favourite (I have watched all his travelogues) and I wanted to see ALL those places! (I still do – he has been everywhere!) I still have Michael Palin in premier position for the person I would most like to have dinner with. Every night for a year. Poor man.
So (amazingly) I didn’t become a zoologist or a TV travel presenter (yet) but I did become a constant traveller. I am as enthusiastic about the thought of new places, countries, food, languages, peoples as I ever was. Its doubtful that will ever change but I am determined that by the time I am too old to physically travel (I reckon by my late 90’s at the earliest) I will have made a lifetime of travel memories.
Michael Palin quote
Who inspired you to travel? Let me know – leave a comment below!


Travel inspiration

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