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My Travel ABC’s – My travel experiences from A to Z

My Travel ABC’s – My travel experiences from A to Z

A bit of a fun post this week as I am having a little break – I saw this on becomingatravelingfamily.com where Allison shared her Travel ABC’s so I decided to have a go too! Thank-you Allison!


A  –  Age of first international trip:

In Europe – I think it was a trip to Italy when I was about 5 with my Mum and Dad. I first left Europe aged 13 when we moved to South Africa. The pictures below are of a trip to Majorca in the early ’70’s – love my Dad’s moustache!! And of me aged about 13 in South Africa!

Why I travel - a little dose of travel inspiration

B – Best Beach you’ve been to: 

This is easy! Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays takes top prize!

Visiting Whitehaven Beach at the Whitsundays in Queensland

C -Favorite Cuisine:

Indonesian when I can get it otherwise Moroccan – I love couscous royale! The last time I had this (or something similar) was in Paris at Le Marche des enfants rouges.

a plate of cous cous


Top tips when visiting Paris France for the first time

D – Favorite Destination:

Haha thats impossible to choose! Norway is the most beautiful country in my opinion. In Europe if not Norway then it is probably Italy. Outside of Europe – South Africa or Canada. I am really looking forward to spending time more exploring South-East Asia.

South Africa a photo of cape town


An insider's guide to Cape Town South Africa

E – Experience that made you say wow:

Sailing up the fjords in Norway. It really was somewhere I will never forget.

norwegian fjords


A Norwegian adventure Gudvangen to Flåm

  F -Favourite mode of transportation:

Train! I love travelling anywhere by train and I would love to travel as much of the world as possible this way at some point!

Mt Pilatus in Switzerland


A Complete Guide to the Golden Round Trip to Mount Pilatus Lucerne Switzerland


G – Greatest feeling while traveling:

Seeing new sights, trying new food – the sheer awe of seeing new places never leaves me. It is a bit addictive though!

Solo travel - How travelling solo in my 20's changed my life

H – Hottest place you’ve ever traveled:

Botswana – I lived there for 18 months. It was over 50 degrees in the day and even 36 degrees in the middle of the night.

Botswana a man on a boat


An adventure in Botswana in southern Africa

I – Incredible service you’ve experienced:

Well we had a fantastic trip to Bosnia with a company in Dubrovnik who were really great. Also one year we stayed at the Megaro Hotel near St Pancras (our usual stay when catching the Eurostar). When we checked in the receptionist asked where we were going and I mentioned we were off to Paris for my birthday. Half an hour later there was a knock at the door and the receptionist standing there with 2 glasses of prosecco and a birthday cake! It was so unexpected and such a lovely gesture!!


How to enjoy a Bosnia day trip from Dubrovnik Croatia
Review of the Hotel Megaro in London

J- Journey that took the longest:

I once took a bus from Gaborone in Botswana to Johannesburg then a bus from Johannesburg to the airport, onto a flight to Athens, connecting flight to Heathrow, bus from Heathrow to Victoria coach station, coach from London to Newcastle then taxi to my grandparents house! Took 44 hours door to door!! I was pretty exhausted!

K – Keepsake from your travels:

Photographs – I love my photographs! I have been known to buy the odd fridge magnet too. And maps – I love maps!

20 Map inspired gifts for the map lovers and travelers

L – Least favourite destination:

I don’t really have one! I can’t think of one place I have been to that I wouldn’t return to! Cairo airport was pretty awful but that was 27 years ago!

M – Moment when you fell in love with travel:

Age 7 or 8 – I just had to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Table Mountain! Now achieved!

N- Nicest hotel you’ve stayed at:

Interesting question – we try to budget our hotels as I prefer to stay somewhere for a longer period of time rather than pay loads for an expensive hotel! However we have stayed in a lovely hotel in Singapore a couple of times. The Swissotel Merchant Court is in a great location opposite Clarke Quay and has a great pool area.

singapore merchant court hotel


O – Obsession (what you take pictures of the most while traveling):

Sunsets! This one was taken in Croatia!

sunset in Croatia - Travel ABC's

Croatia Itinerary Dubrovnik to Zagreb
3 photographs that

P – Passport stamps (how many and where from)?

More like work visas – I have ones for Canada and Botswana (expired now) The fact we can travel freely in Europe is so fantastic (on a UK passport) and really hope this is something we can retain. (I am not a fan of Brexit to put it mildly).

I also hold a permanent residence visa for Australia.

Q – Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited:

The Palais Ideal Facteur Cheval in France!! It was just amazing and fascinating – I’m not telling you why but you can find out more on the link!


R – Really frightening (a place you have felt insecure/uneasy):

Turbulence when flying terrifies me. I don’t like really hate flying!!

an airplane flying at sunset

a smooth flight to Copenhagen

S – Splurge (something you have no problem spending money on while traveling)

A good meal! Also good tours – we had taken some excellent tours in Bosnia, Montenegro and Italy. I think you can find out so much on tours the wandering around yourself! (I also love the walking tours now available in lots of cities – the walking tour we did in Berlin was excellent. And free!)

Montenegro Travel ABC's


Top things to do in Berlin for your ultimate Berlin itinerary


T – Most Touristy thing you’ve done:

I always do the touristy things (there is a reason everyone visits to see certain things (Eiffel Tower anyone) or do certain things!! (a trip to the Top of the Rock in NYC?) and I really hate snobbery around tourists vs travellers!!!!!!

top of the rock

My all time top ten New York sights

U – Most Unforgettable travel memory:

I have so many! In my 20’s probably travelling to Hong Kong on my own! In my 30’s the trips to Malta with my daughter and in my 40’s probably the trip to Norway to visit my husband when he was there for 12 weeks.

5 reasons visiting Laerdal in Norway should be on your Scandinavian itinerary

W – Best Waterfall:

Victoria Fall in Zimbabwe but also Niagara Falls in Canada/USA – very very different parts of the world but each with wonderful falls!

X – eXcellent view:

Train journeys to some of the most scenic destinations give you awesome views. Switzerland is a great country to travel by train – I recommend the Bernina Express or Mt Pilatus for great train trips!

Norway also has magnificent views! You can’t beat a fjord or two!!

the-view from Mt Pilatus Travel ABC's

Traveling on the Bernina Express - Switzerland

Y -Years spent traveling:

40 plus!!! And another 40 to go I hope!

In my life - My Life So Far 7 Countries on 4 Continents

Z – Most Zealous sports fans:

I don’t really do sport!

So those are my Travel ABC’s – what are yours?

Pin for later – travel abcs


Author: Tracy

Working my way around the globe for 30 years – teacher, traveller, and train lover. Sharing authentic experiences from my travels and life as an expat in Australia.



  1. April 13, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    Love the idea of this blog! I definitely like to get a magnet or four and we do love a good sunset! Love seeing your pics through the years, so many incredible memories and experiences travelling the world!!!
    Katie recently posted…WORK ABROAD: LIVING IN GREECEMy Profile

  2. April 14, 2017 / 7:50 am

    I love the idea of this post. It must be great to look back on many travel memories in such a way. My favourite keepsake for travels are photos too. I take so many and would be deceststed if I lost them! I may write one of these ABC posts too. I’ll be sure to link your blog in it 🙂

    • April 14, 2017 / 1:54 pm

      That would be great Tasha! Definitely one to do as its such fun!

    • April 15, 2017 / 6:10 pm

      Thanks Allison – for the inspiration too!

  3. April 15, 2017 / 7:46 am

    Great idea Tracy, it’s always nice to learn more of people’s travels in this way. If you love Indonesian food, I bet you can’t wait to start your travels later this year and spend some time here! We have another long train journey ahead of us going through the Thai countryside when we travel from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok, will you get a chance to do that trip? Thanks for sharing your travel memories with us #feetdotravel

    • April 15, 2017 / 6:08 pm

      I know – I will love all that food! I am desperately trying to fit in that train journey Angie – it is on the wishlist!! You must tell me what it is like!!

  4. April 15, 2017 / 11:37 am

    Loved this post what a great idea! You have had some wonderful experiences and hope many more to come. Marina Bay Sands is amazing and hope that you do get to spend a night there, it is definitely worth it!
    Paul and Carole recently posted…Chatrium Riverside Hotel Review BangkokMy Profile

    • April 15, 2017 / 6:07 pm

      Thanks Carole – yes one day I will stay at that hotel!

    • April 15, 2017 / 6:06 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Loving all this lovely feedback!

  5. April 15, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    This is awesome Tracy! I would love to meet you one day and talk travel all day. You have been to fantastic places! I am inspired to keep traveling. #WeekendWanderlust
    Ruth recently posted…Cheap Eats in Vienna: Festivals and MarketsMy Profile

  6. Anna Schlaht
    April 15, 2017 / 9:53 pm

    This is a super cute idea for a post; I love it! Looks like you’ve had many wonderful experiences in your travel life and have lived in so many places! I agree with your love of Norway, though; that or Iceland would have to by my favorite country so far. It’s just so pretty and clean! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your travel ABCs!

    • April 16, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      I would love to visit Iceland – I think I may love it as much as I love Norway!

  7. April 16, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    Love this post! Totally with you on the tourist v traveller snobbery, what’s that about? why can’t you do both?! We LOVE cheesy landmark photos! So many places you’ve been to, would love to see blue lagoon in Malta, thats on our list! We’ll be going to Niagara Falls in the summer this year, I went when I was younger, but Phil’s never been so we’re looking forward to that trip. Love your travel ABCs!
    Garth recently posted…Chichen ItzaMy Profile

    • April 17, 2017 / 10:51 am

      Thanks Garth! Malta is one of my favourites! I would love to go back to Niagara – I worked in Canada but a long time ago! Would love to read your travel ABC’s – you guys have been to loads of places on my list too!

  8. April 17, 2017 / 5:04 am

    Awww I love this 🙂 And I love the old photos and your answers spanning decades of travel! I still think it’s so cool you lived in Botswana.. can’t imagine the awful heat, but the picture is gorgeous. I don’t stay in nice hotels either.. as I prefer to spend any extra money on food or fun activities! And I agree that there’s nothing wrong with doing touristy activities. After all, they’re popular for a good reason!
    Anna recently posted…Early morning safari with Dubai Desert Safari ToursMy Profile

    • April 17, 2017 / 10:49 am

      Thanks Anna – would love to read your travel ABC’s too!

  9. April 17, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    You’ve been to so many places and had so many different experiences! Very cool to see it all compiled like this. Also I love the photos from Norway. 🙂 #feetdotravel

    • April 17, 2017 / 8:31 pm

      Thank-you 🙂 I really enjoyed putting it together

    • April 19, 2017 / 9:04 pm

      Thanks Shona will look forward to reading it!

  10. April 21, 2017 / 5:10 am

    Interesting ABC’s! As an overland traveler I would agree with you about train travel it’s one of my favorites too! I’m surprised you don’t have a least favorite destination, I have a few contenders!
    Only By Land recently posted…Hanover to WarsawMy Profile

    • April 21, 2017 / 4:06 pm

      I really struggled to think of least favourite destinations – possibly Paris. Though I wouldn’t say no to a return trip!
      Love to know what yours are!!

  11. April 21, 2017 / 11:43 am

    Such an interesting post! The blue lagoon looks stunning! Malta is on our bucket list. We get fridge magnets from our travels as well!

    • April 21, 2017 / 4:06 pm

      Thank-you! Malta is lovely and the blue lagoon fantastic!

  12. April 21, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Such a fun post! Love this idea – hope you don’t mind if I steal it 😉

  13. April 21, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    Aw, I love this – another great way to learn about a blogger. Think I’ll do one (don’t worry I’ll link back!) Flip – that journey of 44 hours was a long one, and to think you only had Newcastle as a reward 😉 And, how did you cope in Botswana? Did you become acclimatised?
    Alex recently posted…Family Friendly MallorcaMy Profile

    • April 21, 2017 / 7:34 pm

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahah Alex!!!!!! And my brother wouldn’t come and pick me up from the bus station so I had to get a taxi!! Was not impressed! No Botswana was hot as hell lol – had to get up in the night have a cold shower and lie under a fan (didn’t have air conditioning!)
      Definitely do one too – its fun!

  14. April 21, 2017 / 8:19 pm

    This is amazing! You’ve traveled to a lot of places. I want to go to to the Blue Lagoon in Malta and Norway too. Great list of items you have here. Makes me want to update my bucketlist! 🙂 #flyawayfriday

    • April 24, 2017 / 3:31 pm

      Thank-you Jen! Love Norway and the Blue Lagoon is just gorgeous!

  15. April 22, 2017 / 10:26 am

    Haha, this was a fun and creative idea! Loved your ABC’s! 🙂 #flyawayfriday

  16. April 22, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    What a great idea for an article! Was good to get to know you a bit more through this post. Also agree with what you said about train travel- it’s my favourite way to travel too 🙂 #FlyAwayFriday

    • April 24, 2017 / 3:27 pm

      Thank-you! Yes trains are the best i think!

  17. April 24, 2017 / 7:30 am

    It is lovely to learn a little bit more about you thank you. I too love Moroccan food. I haven’t been to Indonesia but perhaps I need too.
    I too would like to steal it 🙂 I will link it to you though seeing as I am stealing it 🙂

    • April 24, 2017 / 3:25 pm

      Yes please I love reading these sort of posts!

    • April 26, 2017 / 7:04 pm

      Not everywhere but its on my list as they say!

  18. May 1, 2017 / 5:21 pm

    Oh my gosh, what a fun and creative post! You’ve been to SO many places, I admire that so much. Plus, you always write really unique posts and I enjoy reading them! Thanks for sharing and joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week! xo
    Kana recently posted…5 Unique Things to Experience in Frankenmuth MichiganMy Profile

    • May 1, 2017 / 6:22 pm

      Thank-you Kana! It is so difficult to gauge in the world of blogging what other people think so it is so nice to hear that!

  19. May 2, 2017 / 1:32 am

    How super cute for a post that really gets personal to share with your readers. This is amazing and I could relate to so many of your answers. I need to try Moroccan food and I must agree on Norway. It is a brilliant place

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