Best travel experiences of 2017

Well what a year it has been! We have visited 7 countries this year of which Dubai (UAE), Thailand, Sweden and Malaysia were for the first time and I returned to Denmark for a 3rd time (my husband’s first visit) to see more of this beautiful country and of course we have finally moved to […]

Top 10 railway journeys around the world part 2

This is Part 2 of my selection of the top 10 railway journeys to take around the world! It was incredibly difficult to choose only 10 and to be honest any holiday that involves a train journey is enjoyable for me. Sitting back, relaxing and watching the world pass you by has so many advantages to […]

A guide to visiting the Singapore National Orchid Garden

national orchid garden singapore

We have visited Singapore twice and each time we have included a visit to the Singapore National Orchid Garden. The gardens are part of the Botanical Gardens in Singapore and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and were listed in 2015.  In fact they are the only botanical gardens listed by UNESCO. The Orchid Garden […]

Visiting Blenheim Palace a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Are you thinking about visiting Blenheim Palace – UNESCO World Heritage Site and birth place of Winston Churchill? We have visited Blenheim twice – once in October and again in July 2017. We visited twice because to put it mildly its expensive to visit and the saving grace is that the entry fee allows unlimited […]

A view from the past – 10 world cities in the 1800’s

Can you imagine what some of the most famous cities in the 1800s were like? As you can tell by the name of my website history is something I am passionate about – to be able to time travel to bygone eras would be my dream! So I thought I would share something very special […]

15 amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe to visit

I have visited many of the 412  UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe and I have my favourites but I thought I would ask some travel bloggers out there what is their favourite? So here are 15 UNESCO WH Sites in Europe as chosen by some great travel bloggers (be sure to check out their […]