What to see and do when visiting Cromford Mills in Derbyshire

Why are Cromford Mills which are found in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, England so important that they merit being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? To understand this we need to find out a little about a certain Sir Richard Arkwright. He is recognised as the founder of the factory system.  He made […]

All you need to know about traveling by train London-Berlin-Prague

When it comes to organising any holiday there are a number of planning stages we all go through. It is no different, though perhaps a little more complex, when that involves a multi-centred holiday and the means of transportation is by train! I love travelling by train for lots of reasons – its easier, a lot […]

Why Travel: a Little Dose of Travel Inspiration

who is your travel inspiration featured by top international blogger, Tracy's Travels in Time

Being able to make a living from travelling and writing blogs about the experiences you have along the way is something that was unimaginable not too long ago.  When I first started exploring the world there were no smart phones, no social media and certainly no “influencers.” We travelled the world with a Kodak camera, […]