Things to know if you are moving to Mackay

moving to mackay - beautiful beaches

  When we relocated to Australia from the UK our first destination was Mackay in Queensland. To be honest when I saw the job advertised I had literally never heard of it so the first thing I did was look on a map! We spent 3 1/2 months living in Mackay and throughly enjoyed our […]

30 things I do after living in Queensland for a year!

Brisbane at night

After living in Queensland for over a year and settling into life in the sunshine state there are so many things that I now do which I think are a pretty good indication of an adjustment to life here! With a fantastic climate (261 days of sunshine a year), wonderful beaches and a great outdoor lifestyle […]

10 things I don’t miss about living in the UK

10 things I don't miss about living in the UK

10 THINGS I DON’T MISS ABOUT LIVING IN THE UK Following on from my post about 10 things I DO MISS about living in the UK I had to balance things out by looking at the things I don’t miss – because yes there are some things that I really am happy are not in my […]

How to survive the seven stages of emigrating

The first time I moved abroad to live I was 13. At the most recent move I was 50. Over a period of 37 years I have experienced the emigration progress numerous times and have lived in the UK, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Botswana, Canada and now Australia! I am probably not the most successful […]