A guide to things to do on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

AMALFI COAST ITINERARY – TOWNS TO VISIT ALONG THE AMALFI COAST MINORI We were based in the Villa Romana Hotel in Minori which you can book here!  This is our Amalfi Coast itinerary for a week in this beautiful part of Italy. Minori is a small town/village with a good range of bars and restaurants. […]

4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Northern England to visit

Are you planning to visit some of the 31 designated UK UNESCO World Heritage Sites? 5 of the 31 UK sites are in UK overseas territories (Bermuda for example) but 26 are on the UK mainland or close to it. There are 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Northern England and Southern Scotland covered in […]

Best things to do in Flam and Gudvangen in Norway

For most visitors to Norway a trip to experience the fjords is a must. As such Flam and Gudvangen in the Aurland municipality are popular destinations offering a gateway to one of the most beautiful and popular fjords in western Norway – the UNESCO World Heritage Næøryfjord an arm of the mighty Sognefjord (Norway’s longest and deepest […]

Visiting Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal in England

Fountains Abbey

 FOUNTAINS ABBEY AND STUDLEY ROYAL – A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE A few summers ago we spent a few weeks taking a road trip around northern England and visiting Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal was the last of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites we saw during that trip. We were astounded at its beauty and I […]

5 reasons you will love visiting the Kelpies in Scotland

Visiting the Kelpies in Scotland had been on my bucket list for a while before I eventually managed to make the trip to see them. After seeing a picture of the stunning sculptures on TV I knew I had to see them. If you are planning  a trip to Scotland I would recommend adding a visit to […]

A Lake District Itinerary – what to see and do in one day

We spent a day in the Lake District during a holiday travelling around Northern England and found the area absolutely stunning. There is a lot to do and see at the Lake District and as we had only planned one day there we chose two destinations to head to –  Lake Windermere and Coniston Water. These […]