Yummy! 10 iconic Australian foods you have to try

If you are wondering what are the most popular Aussie foods or which iconic Australian foods you have to try when you visit this post will give you all the answers! Delicious fruit may spring to mind. While Australian fruit is pretty good it is only available when in season (in Queensland anyway) unless you want […]

A Brits Guide to Understanding Australian slang

  G’day Bruce! (or Sheila) We all know some Australian slang words (probably picked up from repeated viewings of Crocodile Dundee as kids – or is that just me?!) I still (nearly a year in) have to ask what some words mean though I am getting better at shortening words and simply adding an ‘o’ […]

Shopping in Australia – all you need to know!

Shopping in Australia – all you need to know! (Disclaimer this is the Queensland version but I think its pretty much the same across the country!) Before we moved to Australia I desperately wanted to know about the prices of things – groceries, clothes, cars, electrical items and more! Basically I was trying to work […]

Things I don’t love about living in Australia

Ok so we have had the top 10 things I LOVE about living in Australia now lets see the flip side! These are the things I don’t love about living in Australia! Because lets be realistic nowhere is perfect! I am not talking here about the obvious things like missing family and friends but more about […]

Top 10 Things About Australia to Love

| things about Australia to love featured by top international travel blog, Tracy's Travels in Time

  So you are thinking of moving to Australia? Whether your move is temporary or more permanent I guarantee there will be lots of things you will love (and maybe some things you won’t love so much) about living in Australia. After over year here these are my top 10 things about Australia that I love! […]

6 common Australian myths debunked

“G’day Bruce, throw another shrimp on the barbie.” Think of Australia and some common myths about life “Down Under” will spring to mind. After living in Queensland after relocating from the UK I thought it was time to investigate some of the common Australian myths and discover which, if any, have any resemblance to the […]