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A selection of reader reviews and testimonials

“An awesome guide to Cape Town! I’ve been reading quite a lot about it lately and I definitely want to explore South Africa sooner rather than later!” Travelexx

“What a beautiful place! I don’t know much about Montenegro but now I want to go. Great to know it’s an easy day trip from Croatia. Beautiful photos!” Mary

“This is such a good guide to Dubrovnik. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and I think your tips are really useful.” Clare

“Having visited Oslo last year, I’m very keen to explore more of Norway even more so after your ‘most beautiful country declaration!’ Very keen to tie in with Tromso and a northern lights tour.” Elizabeth

“I’ve heard such great things about Cape Town from people that have visited but its nice to read about it from someone who has actually lived there. It’s probably my most anticipated place in South Africa so this comprehensive guide will definitely come in handy when I eventually get a chance to go there. Thanks to you and Marie for sharing.” David

“A lovely guide on things to do in Prague and beautiful photos, Tracy!” Ahila

“I grew up in Leeds so I’ve seen the Angel of the North so many times! I never really thought about the guy behind it so this was so interesting to read! Thanks for sharing… I’m totally going to have to visit his other work now!”Lisa

“To be honest I haven’t previously given Cape Town a thought as a travel destination, but after reading this I am very keen to visit. I love mountains so find that very appealing and I also really enjoy hiking trails.” Sam

“This looks perfect for a great vacation! What a nice hotel. Must put it in my bucket list then. Thanks for sharing the photos to us”



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Reader reviews and testimonials