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UK General Knowledge Quiz (Culture / History / Geography / Sport)

How much do you know about the UK? Why not take my UK General Knowledge Quiz and find out? In this quiz, you will find 20 questions that include the topics of culture, history, geography, and sport!

I find reading (or watching TV or movies) about a destination before I go and learning a little about the history, the culture etc is a great way to prepare for my trip.

You can find some recommended books to read about England and Scotland or my selection of British themed jigsaw puzzles, games and quiz books.

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The United Kingdom is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Which of these is not an official residence of the Queen?

Quiz Windsor Castle

Which of these cities is the capital of Wales?

Where would you be standing if you were at the northernmost point of mainland Scotland?

The Giant's Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Wales?

Quiz Giants Causeway

What are people from the north-east of England known as?

What side of the road should you drive on in the UK?

What is the name of the Roman wall that can be found running along the border of England and Scotland?

Quiz Hadrians Wall

What is the 5th of November more commonly known as in England?

In which northern city can you find the National Railway Museum?

What is the national flower of Wales?

Quiz Flowers

What colour is the District Line on the London Underground Map?

In which city was the Titanic built?

What is the name of the river that runs through the city of Liverpool?

Quiz Liverpool

Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

In which sport can you bowl a maiden over?

What pudding would you find served with roast beef?

In which city can you find the Shambles?

Quiz The Shambles

What is the Queen's youngest child called?

In which English county would you find Stonehenge?

Quiz Stonehenge

How did you do in this UK general knowledge quiz?

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