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Ultimate French Shopping Vocabulary Quiz (Test yourself)

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Are you learning French? Over 30 years ago I moved to France with only a basic knowledge of the language and yet was fluent within 6 months!

There are a few strategies I recommend to help master learning French.

  1. Learn some basic vocabulary to provide the basis upon which to build your language skills.
  2. Watch French TV series and movies (in French with subtitles). It is amazing how much you will learn. It is also a great introduction to French culture.
  3. Practice – I learnt through complete immersion. Try a language learning programme such as Rosetta Stone or Berlitz.
  4. Move to France!

In this article, you will learn some basic vocabulary for shopping such as the names of shops and some of the items you may wish to buy when shopping in France!

My 5-minute French shopping vocabulary quiz will test your knowledge of basic French words needed for shopping – have fun and learn at the same time!

Test your knowledge of French shopping vocabulary

What is the French for a clothing store?

clothes store

What is a butcher shop in French?


What is a cheese shop called in French?

cheese shop

What can you buy in la confiserie?

cakes and sweets

What can you buy in la boulangerie?

bread and vegetables

If you wanted to buy some jewelery which shop would you choose?


What is the French for shoe shop?

shoe shop

What is the French word for money?


Je cherche une jupe rouge. What am I looking for?

various colour clothes

It starts to rain so I decide to buy a raincoat...what do I buy?


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