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French Food Vocabulary Quiz (Test your knowledge)

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Are you planning a visit to France and want to learn some essential vocabulary? In this article, you can test your knowledge of French words for everyday food items.

Take the French Food Vocabulary Quiz below and see how much you know before you visit the beautiful country of France.

Bonne chance!

French Food Vocabulary Quiz

French Food Vocabulary Quiz

What is the French word for food?


What is one of these fruits called in French?


What is this vegetable called in French?


What are these called in French?


Which of these is French for breakfast?

Breakfast in France

What is the French word for pineapple?


What is added to a Croque monsieur to make it a Croque madame?

Croque monsieur

What are Coquilles Saint-Jacques?

selection of shell fish

If you order Cuisses de Grenouilles what can you expect to receive on your plate?

Different meat dishes

What is the French word for the bill/check?

bill on a saucer

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