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Australian General Knowledge Quiz (How much do you know?)

Australian General Knowledge Quiz (How much do you know?)

How much do you know about Australia? Take the bonza Australian General Knowledge Quiz below and find out!

Try the quiz and find out how much you know about Australian geography, culture, history and wildlife! If you would like to learn more I recommend reading these books about Australia in general and these books about Australian wildlife.

What is the population of Australia (2016) ?

What is the capital of Australia?

How many states and territories are there?

Which Tropic passes through Australia?

How many time zones are there in Australia?

This landform is the major component of the Purnululu National Park situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. What is it called?

The longest river of Australia is the ......

The iconic Opera House was designed by architect Jørn Utzon. What year was it opened?

What is this?

Which one of these is the Australian flag?

What is Australia's national anthem?

In the Western Australian Aboriginal language Noongar, the word Kylie means

There are over 1 million camels roaming the deserts of Australia. There are so many that Australia export them to the Middle East!

What is this bird called?

Uluru is the largest monolith in the world?

The Australian General Knowledge Quiz & more quizzes about Australia and the world for you to try!

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