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Welcome to my Life in Brisbane Australia – Part 1.

We have been in Australia for over 4 months now and December has been a really busy month. I left Mackay after living there since August and although I am loving life in Brisbane Mackay will always have a special place in my heart. And who knows it may feature again in our lives one day – never say never! Before we left we managed to get to Cape Hillsborough for one last time to see the kangaroos and wallabies on the beach and I think I took my favourite photograph of 2017 with my trusty iphone!


A guide to the best time to see Cape Hillsborough kangaroos


We are now renting an apartment in Redcliffe in the northern suburbs and Moreton Bay area north of Brisbane. We are literally a block away from the sea. I will write in more detail about things to do and see on the Peninsula (made up of Redcliffe, Clontarf, Scarborough, Woody Point and Margate to name a few of the suburbs) and life in Brisbane in further posts.

An unforgettable day with Brisbane Whale Watching


We have had some great days out – to the Glasshouse Mountains, Mooloolaba (I am still practicing how to say that MOO-Loo-LA-Ba) and to South Bank in Brisbane which were all totally awesome!

20 Top Things to Do in South Bank Brisbane


I have quite a list of things to get through with a great write-up by 20 other travel bloggers on the best things to do in Queensland!


The Best Things to Do in Queensland Australia


Glasshouse mountains
Glasshouse Mountains
Brisbane South Bank
Brisbane South Bank

We also managed to get away for a weekend staying in the most amazing hotel we have ever been to. We had one of ten secluded and private luxury tree houses at Pethers Rainforest Retreat. Review coming soon and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Breakfast at Pethers!

My husband has been working over Christmas as always (he is a nurse) but he did finish mid-morning on Christmas Day so we went to the beach and realised we were TOTALLY unprepared! I reckon the Aussies had been camping out all night to get their spots – gazebos, tents, tables, chairs, BBQ’s all in abundance! It was fantastic and everyone was enjoying the lovely weather (35 degrees!!)

After an hour we realised that we have come totally unprepared (ok we realised it after 2 seconds but stuck it out!!!) so decided to head to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary about an hour away. Well it would have been if we hadn’t taken an expensive tour of Brisbane cities toll roads!!!

We had a lovely afternoon and have bought yearly membership so we will be visiting a few more times!

All you need to know about to visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


Things I learnt this month!

  • Toll roads are everywhere and expensive!
  • A pademelon is not a fruit (it’s a type of wallaby)
  • You can buy a genuine Swiss cuckoo clock on Tambourine Mountain!
  • Koala have 2 thumbs!!!
  • A trip to the beach at Christmas involves a gazebo, tent, chairs, table, cricket set, blankets, towels and a BBQ – at least!!!
  • Kookaburras are the largest type of kingfishers in the world.
  • House prices in Brisbane are crazy (I already knew this but looking at For Sale notices is a bit of a ‘how much???’ moment every time!)
  • Cherries are in season this month in Australia I think as they are just about cheap enough to buy which is a good indication– I have now eaten too many!
  • You can get THE best peanut butter milkshake at South Bank in Brisbane! Next time its the banana one!

That is my round-up for December 2017. Lots coming in 2018 about life in Brisbane and more – we have holidays to Melbourne, Uluru, Cairns and the Barrier Reef – Port Douglas and the Daintree planned so far and we are really looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country!

Have a Happy New Year wherever you are in the world!


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This post may contain compensated links. Please read our disclaimer for additional information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

24 thoughts on “Expat diary – Life in Brisbane Australia – Part 1

  1. Shona @ says:

    Happy new year Tracy!! You’ll love Brisbane as much as Mackay in no time. Your travel plans sound fantastic so far and as an Aussie I’m envious of your red centre plan, I haven’t been! Living a block from the beach will be superb once school is back and everyone’s back to work. I hope you’ve found Dan’s for great booze prices and BWS for the deals on their receipts. You’ll need to with the tolls! LOL!

  2. Travel Lexx says:

    Happy New Year – great to see what you’re up to, especially as all of the places in your post are pretty close to my heart. I lived on the Sunshine Coast – not too far from Noosa but have been to Mooloolaba a few times (including shopping trips to Bunnings for the farm I worked on). I also had an annual membership to Lone Pine and have been there about 10 times now! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) says:

    That wallaby in the sunset is gorgeous! And the Koala? Adorbs. 🙂 We seem to be getting lots of toll roads here in Texas, too. Hate ’em. As a matter of principle, I will leave early just to find the free roads. That’ll teach them! Looking forward to the treehouse review; that must have been awesome! Cheers, and Happy New Year!

  4. Rachel says:

    Happy New Year! I’m glad you’re settling in to Brisbane well, I think it’s a lovely city. Depressingly I look at property prices and think they look quite reasonable compared to Sydney 🙁

    We saw some pademelons in Tassie, they’re extremely cute. I had no idea what one was before I saw it, either!

    We realised how woefully unprepared we were for the beach, too. How much kit do people have?! I realise it’s necessary what with the sun and all but really. I just can’t invest in all that stuff…

    If you ever find yourself in Sydney let me know, and we’ll go for a beverage. It would be good to meet at last!

    • TracyJane says:

      We will be in Sydney in April but literally just to catch a connecting flight to Uluru. Are you heading up this way at all? I know isnt it scary when you think the house prices here are reasonable!

  5. Ellie says:

    What a happy blog. A really enjoyable read! Do you have to be wealthy to enjoy the benefits of life out there? We have the option of moving from the U.K (Northumberland)…. decisions decisions ?

    • TracyJane says:

      Hi Ellie no not wealthy and jobs pay well here. I am writing a post all about the pros and cons and will be sharing some ex-pat journeys too soon so keep a look out for those! I was born in Northumberland!!! Lived there for a while a few years ago – Cramlington but too cold and windy for me!

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